Day 22: Prom (Proposal)

Day 22: Prom (Proposal)

It was a rather simple yet sincere proposal. No guitar-playing, no cheesy lines uttered, no flowers. Just six of us holding illustration boards each containing a word from the line, “Will you be my prom date?”, which we brought up one by one. I helped, and I don’t even think the guy knew who I was… strange, but it was a good feeling to have been part of it.

It doesn’t really take much to impress a girl.


5 thoughts on “Day 22: Prom (Proposal)

  1. Josip?!?!?! Is this really you?!?!!? O__________o

    GbjiBnkbiofgjidfgdfgdfg11jdfigUthjirjioffgnioanz OMG!! What happened/has happened/has been happening to you?!?! It’s been… forever. ;'(

    Yeah, haha. But I’m actually not going to prom, so I had to cut the guy’s words before he even finished. Sad life, I know. Haha. It was reaaally awkward. I really wish I wasn’t asked. Loooooooooooong story that’s not even worth believing. Really.

    I wonder how you ended up here… probably through e-mail or something… idk. Haha.

    What have you been up to?!?! I thought you had forgotten about me already hahah 😀

    Where have you been 😦

  2. Did you know the guy? 😛 Hahahaha, sadness is creeping inside of me because you turned him down. XD There was so much melancholy in that sentence. :))))) Maita, let’s make our own prom instead! XD

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