Travel Tales: Vigan

I’ve had antique-shop-and-cobblestone-street-filled days this first weekend of July. Even with the typhoon showing itself during the second half of our stay, that didn’t stop us from what we intended to do, explore, and see — tight schedule and all — which included walking (and looking like hipster fools) in the very strong rains.

Whether strolling around Calle Crisologo and its side streets meant the sweltering heat of the sun or getting soaked by the downpour, Vigan proved to be a city truly so charming, deserving of all its praise and world heritage recognitions. As my cousin aptly labels it to be, #stillhadfun!

I thought that arriving at three in the morning would sort of be a bad thing. But then, walking around the ancient streets in the early hours ’til sunrise turned out to be quite cinematic.


Travel Tales: Singapore


Singapore was amazing in all ways possible! It definitely exceeded all expectations, from the destinations to even the warmth of its people. I’ve never been in a place where things were just so calm and chill, and the vibes it exuded, I’ve never felt elsewhere. It’s easily one of the coolest I’ve been to.

Unbelievable how people say Singapore is so small, everything on the island can be done in a day. Well, that’s the biggest lie in the world! It may be one of the smallest in the continent, but it is truly bursting with so many things to do. Every little corner has an interesting find, and whether you’re on top of the grandest skyscraper or lost in a spot tucked away in a side alley, there will always be something new and different waiting to be done, tasted, or seen.

And the funny truth is… I never thought I’d fall in love with this country.

Travel Tales: United States

[vimeo 97886317 w=800]


Oh, Meiguo, I don’t even know where to start.

I’m broke, two tones darker, and have the worst eyebags in this side of the planet but I’ve come home with a wealth of learning and experiences I would never exchange with a hefty bank account or a fair and light skin tone.

These past few weeks were interesting. America, it may take another few years or a decade to see you again, but that’s something truly worth waiting for!

Travel Tales: Taiwan


P.S. Taiwan is mah turf. You know, just casually walking around the night markets with Wanting Qu, Da Mouth, and Jay Chou songs playing, and passing by stalls with posters of Rainie Yang and Mayday is like inhaling and exhaling… hehehehehe. I LOVE TAIWAN!!!

These were the last sentences of the e-mail I sent to my dad after my first day in Taiwan has passed. As of this moment, it’s been three days since I’ve bid the place goodbye, and I’m having a terrible case of wanderlust withdrawals. Four days in the dreamland of three years is not enough.

If not for this place, I wouldn’t have had the chance to physically hold music albums of the songs I call familiar, been a ruler away from my ultimate idol, felt the genuine kindness of Taiwanese people… but those are just the little bits and pieces that make up the picture.

Taiwan, you have done me well. And as “goodbye” in Chinese literally means see you again, well, yes, we will. I’ll see you again, 再见! 🙂

Travel Tales: Baguio

Snippets of our Baguio trip!

The camera that I have been using since forever is nearing its postmortem state and I was so disappointed that it wouldn’t function properly during the trip. 😦 The switch from pic to vid wouldn’t work almost everytime, so I couldn’t take a video of the more interesting things. Videos > pictures, at least for trips such as this. I could have videoed the horses with neon pink hair.

Baguio isn’t meant for just two or three days… but with the coldness there, you’d be itching to take a bus back to Metro Manila… joke. Not at all. It was a nice feeling to be back in a place where quite a lot of childhood summer days were spent in. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful (long) weekend because it was spent with my cousins who come from the West Coast, my bro, my travel buddy this year aka Joy, and a bunch of fun relatives. And five hours on bus to and from the city is the shortest I’ve ever had!