Hello from Nagoya (well, kinda)

Oh yeaaaah! Konbanwa from Nihon!

I only have nine hours to spend in the country. Not bad… better than nothing, I say.

But in this little amount of time I’m stuck inside Chubu Centrair International Airport. I cry. It doesn’t help that you see ships by the shore when you look to the left. It’s like this huge glass window is separating me from the land of sakura and sushi. So near, yet so far.

But in this short period of time I was able to witness the extreme niceness and genuine politeness of the Japanese people at the airport (I don’t remember exchanging smiles with others this much), have my first legit bowl of udon, eat what could have been the best matcha soft serve I have ever tasted, amaze myself with Japanese toilets, and marvel at the minimalist design of this airport built on an artificial island.

Well, that’s Japan for me in nine hours. Definitely not the grandest way to spend a layover here, but that only means we’ll be back—for real!


DSC05498 DSC05519