kumusta, 大家好, hello

m a i t a, 20, philippines

100% filipino.

tour major. type geek. design nerd.

travel. writing. and [a penchant for] graphic design.

short. simple. serious.

matcha. watching the voice reruns. exploring new cities.

study abroad blogs. expat blogs. design blogs. beauty blogs.

c-pop. mandarin. taiwanese drama(ish).

videos > photos, especially during adventures and travels.

L 6.25, R 4.50.

southeast asia. taiwan. scandinavia.

still figuring out how to take decent photos with a p&s.

cafe hopping. city hopping. milk tea hopping.

coldplay. kings of leon. vulfpeck.

and a bit of mayer hawthorne. tom misch. jordan rakei.

white. stripes. pastels. blush. neutrals.

chambray. colored jeans. white sneakers.

good at memorizing names. faces. random (useless) facts.

terrible at sports. creative writing. figure analysis.

collects postcards. newspaper clippings in different languages. random trinkets from strangers (really!) around the world.

would like to work in the foreign service or the economic/media/tourism sector someday.

dreams of a better philippines.

anything and everything with, for, and because of god.

🙂 🙂 🙂

why ‘maiicha’?
one character: 茶


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Kumusta/Ola/Abdul Aziz! My name is Abdul, a high school student from the Mecca. I write for my school’s newspaper and I play the bread (but I am the laziest person when it comes to reading flour). I love to heehe, watch ABS-CBN and Turbo, do e-mail and American chopper. I am fond of fish, bread, egg, soda, chicken but not pork because its for devil onli.

    I tell others about my blog but if you happen to eat bread, you are welcome to jihad. And I’m sorry if pork, hehe. If you have are moslem, please tell me and I can marry u.

    i hope u become my wife

  2. Wow ah, hindi mo sinabi sa’kin na meron ka na palang anticipating seeker ng pag-ibig… Hahahaha, =))) Literally, natawa talaga ako nung nabasa ko ‘to. xDDD hoping talaga.. oh mah gash.. :))))

  3. Aba, aba, epektibo din pala siya. :)))))) Kuya ko lang ‘yan! Ginago lang ako. Hahahahaha. Akala ko nung una totoo, pero, oo, pinagtripan lang ako. Hindi ko binura kasi yun nga, nakakatawa. Nakakatuwa, hindi ba? :)))))))) Palakpakan!

  4. Hahahahahahaha!!! Okay, but if it were really true, I would’ve peed on my pants na sa kakatawa. :))))

  5. Hahaha

    The first commenter was funny.

    Hello Maita!

    Sorry I was distracted. Anyway, I was bloghopping and found you here. Great WP theme you have here (It’s same with mine :D)

    What really got me interest is you being a school publication writer. Keep it up and hope to see more posts here.

    Cheers! 😉

  6. Hi, SingleMomInCebu! Or should I call you Regina? Haha 🙂

    It’s amazing that we’re both into writing! I mean, publication writing-wise… you get it 😉

    I think it’s cool you write for CDN. I have quite fond memories of it actually… during my first few hours in Cebu, I was in KFC at IT Park, browsing through the newspaper and reading the ads to look for restaurants to eat at. Lol. I even took a picture of the newspaper! (Such a tourist, haha) Pretty random but that’s what I remembered!

    It’s nice to see fellow Filipinos on WordPress too! Cheers!

  7. hey, sup.., hello..

    a x e l, 12, indonesia

    100% emos.

    cut his wrists

    hardworking screamers, lazy cuter

    vodka. guitars. gore vidios. no friend fuck the world.

    blooded suicide. killing me inside. black veil bride.

    music. knifes. zombie.

    black hair. black fingernail. black SOUL.

    screamings. drums. guitar.

    L 6 cuts, R 4 cuts

    still dont know how to scream XD

    oli skyes. andy sixx. onadio leonardo.

    bmth.. . alesana. asking alexandria !

    and bit of .suicide silense design the skylin. attack attak. viera goes wild .

    black shirt. skiny jeans. earfone .

    bad in being happy. loving. being good kid . XD

    good on cutts. screamings. guitar solos.

    collect knifes. bloody napkin. screamo band cd .

    likes to work in screamo band or emo piano

    dreams of a blooded suicde

    =^ (

    why ‘axel sixx’
    one mans: andy sixx

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