Woooot! Long time no blog. I haven’t blogged since forever. So, a lot has happened.

I graduated grade school last March. I’ll be in first year high school this June and school will be starting on June 16 (Wednesday). Gahd, summer’s done?! When I graduated it only felt like yesterday. I can’t believe I’m already in high school. Four more years to spare and I’m in college! Four years ago I was in grade four. And that didn’t seem so far as well.

Summer 2010 was great. I did new things. I saw a lot of celebrities. As in A LOT! (Well, you know how much I’m fond of celebrities). It was also my first time to go on a trip abroad. We went to Hong Kong to celebrate my grandparent’s anniversary. I always wished I travelled. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but can’t. (Sort of like a frustration…?) That’s why I end up having penpals, to exchange cultures as such, so I could feel the “other side”. We stayed there last week for about three days. It was fun, but tiring.

We did a lot of walking, though we would ride the MTR at times. The people in HK have fast-paced lifestyles and you would see some running literally. The streets are always busy with a lot of people. I saw a lot of tourists too.

I know it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help but “compare” my country to HK. I wasn’t exactly comparing, but I was wishing somehow that the Philippines would be as developed like Hong Kong. The place is tourist-friendly and the infrastructure is beautiful. Well, the place sort of reminds of the Philippines… I felt like I was in Ongpin or Chinatown Binondo.

I loved the MTR. It was cold and the ambiance was beautiful. And it was the first time I saw the train “shaking”. It was zigzag-ish.

We also went to Disneyland! Woo, pangarap lang ‘to dati. =) The Space Mountain was the best… I thought I was gonna die! You wouldn’t see anything except the rails, so you anticipate.

Okay, back to reality. Back to school. First day high! Yeah!

Well, everybody says high school is the best years of a student’s life. I saw my class lists, and half of them have been my classmates before. I’m keeping my hopes up for this year. No more grade seven “drama” for me. =) Wish me luck!