Parcel Goodness

I received some snail mail goodies and edibles from France and Germany early this year. Slowly getting back to that (favorite) hobby of mine!

DSC00398 DSC00402

From Germany,  clockwise from left: homemade cookies, Christmas cards, Haribo gummy bears, and Merci mini chocolate.


Posting this here in just in case! Who knows?


Handwritten letters make my day. The less you understand, the better… kinda.


The beeeeeeeeest card ever just because! Ahhh, the super shallow Maita was hyperventilating.

And I was so happy to receive Haribo! Danke for granting my wishes! I first heard about it when Jem introduced it to us when we went to her house. When I have the chance to talk to someone from Germany (say, online), it usually starts with a oh-you’re-from-Germany-I-love-Haribo conversation. True. I know, I really am the ultimate weird conversation starter.


The sweets were already spoiled the day I got the package box! It took more than a month to get here, and I feel bad since the sender baked these herself. I was actually able to taste a piece without knowing it was expired already. Spoiled chocolate tastes like… spices. Or maybe it’s just me.

To preserve or not to preserve? THE LATTER! Haha.


Here’s what the parcel from France contained — VSD and Air le Mag magazines, Tele Z, which was a TV schedule guide (how come we don’t have those here?), receipts (yay!), a French paper (I believe it was an instruction manual of something) which I forgot to include in the picture, and Ritter Sport.


Tell me the Ritter Sport found in the shelves of groceries tastes the same! Haha.

Shameless plug-in: If anyone’s interested to do some snaps, even as lightweight as bookmarks and stickers, or even some candy with a handwritten note maybe, let me know!


“We all have a friend,” thanks, Google Translate!


I may be wrong, but I noticed that the French have this thing for Asian culture, which makes me happy actually! When I am on language slash snail mail websites, the French people usually state their interest in Japanese culture and the language… a bit on Korean too, but mostly on Nihon. This page from the magazine explains quite a lot. Hopefully their interest spreads far enough to reach the Southeast Asian islands. Forgive me, I have this in-explainable and undying love for the region (the continent, actually). One day, one day.


Whether this reaches them or not, the senders deserve a big thank you and a virtual hug! Merci, danke, salamaaaaat!


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