Pattaya Photo Diary

Here is a photo dump of our trip to Pattaya! Probably the last one among all my Thailand posts, but hopefully not the first (and last) trip to the place.


Pattaya Floating Market. Food stalls, cheap trinkets, souvenir shops, random shows… fun place.


I miss them 😦


Our first lunch was at a no-name food place across Jomtien beach… chicken feet, spicy stuff, sticky rice. Simple place right smack at a commercial bank, and it was lovely.

DSC06407 DSC06412

If it isn’t Thai you see, it would most likely be Russian letters. I think I saw more Russian than English on the streets!


Grilled squid that looked like starfish!


I saw Jack Sparrow in Thailand. Hahahaha.


Buddha Mountain at Khao Kee Chan. Beautiful piece of landmark—definitely a must-see.


Big C grocery. It was here I got jean capris for 120 baht, which I still wear even up to this very day. I love a great steal!


I had cha yen everyday! Something I love about Thailand is that things aren’t expensive. The price of food is quite the same with what we have here.


And that food there is amazing.

Mango ice cream with sticky rice at Dairy Queen!! Suman version for the Philippines! (Eh, I don’t look like this anymore… haha.)


Tea during a Thai massage. Had a great encounter with the locals despite the language barrier. I have nothing bad to say about Thai people. They are so friendly.


If we say para po as we get down of the jeep, Pattaya has a buzzer you simply press when you have to get off at your destination. I find it more efficient actually, but I also like the fact of getting to exchange a word or two with the driver!

DSC06637 DSC06638

Tourists, tourists, tourists everywhere. Envy for my beloved homeland. That is my dream.


McDo, Thai version! My goal is to check out the menu at McDonald’s of a place I am in. Clockwise from right: chicken (they don’t serve rice!), wasabi dip (it was so good that we brought home some, haha), this default size tall cup of milk tea (yeaaah, naicha at Mcdo!), fries, and a cheeseburger. The chicken was different, like it had a lot of spices. Well, I don’t know if it’s just me, but McDonald’s in Thailand is really expensive. It’s like tourist rate. But anyway, I love their menu!


Thai keyboard!


CentralFestival Mall. It definitely gave me that TriNoma feel! Awesome mall(s).


Palm trees and blue-and-yellow cabs opposite the beach on the busy streets of Chonburi. Imagine the sight of a beach right at your peripheral as you reach your destination everyday, maybe on the way to the grocery or to your school. Ideal place.

DSC06659 DSC06670 DSC06677

A whole shelf of Korean noms. During this time was days after the very first day I learned the Korean alphabet (thanks to Josip), so imagine the excitement seeing all this as we tried to read the things I took some snapshots of.


Doing some grocery at Central.


If I remember correctly, this was a pandan-flavored popsicle!DSC06691

European flags only? Racist! Haha, I kid… Thailand is probably the last in my list.


Looking back, it’s seriously funny how I would… emote. And express myself. Hahaha.


Last supper in Thailand, at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Got the puppy-print bag at Chatuchak, which I use as my school bag during review classes.


Instant noodles and milk tea at the airplane. Total of all this was P90. 400% mark up, tsk… lol.


5:07 am. Hallo Pilipinas!


I don’t know how many times I have said this whether virtually or in real life, but Thailand is such an amazing place. Maybe one is because of the many things I wouldn’t have done or because of the dishes I wouldn’t have eaten if I didn’t have the chance to visit Thailand, but there’s just something about that country that sticks with you. It’s probably not a fashion-conscious person’s top destination, a place of escape from the heat of someone who comes from a similar tropical country, or a hope of a sight of tall buildings and skyscrapers left and right, but I don’t mind.

And I repeat—it’s a whole new world, yet it feels like home. 🙂


Travel Tales: Thailand

Here are some video snippets of a trip to a very beautiful country that is Thailand. I know it’s been a really long time but seeing all this as I browsed through my folders really made me remember all the good times and adventures spent there, whether through our food trips or our daily walks to the Big C. All the videos I had made in my life are infomercials and music videos for school, so doing something like this that includes some of my favorite things was enjoyable for me. A few lapses here and there, like how I could have trimmed the awkward parts or even removed the exclamation point in the title, but compiling everything into a travelogue was a fun thing to do.

[vimeo 63879781 w=600]

Blurry and shaky vids shot through the point-and-shoot, compiled on Movie Maker, and shameless plugging of some C-pop《无菇朋友》as background music by Khalil Fong.

All these clips were videoed without a reason whatsoever, and it was only this week I realized a vlog could be made with all this. I wish I had more videos of the natural stuff rather than the highways and roads.

Now I know what to do with all the videos taking up space on this computer! Time to spend my lazy, unproductive summer days in doing more. Lol 😀

Five Hours in Bangkok

It’s me and my day trips again!

I take a sip from a plastic cup of cha-yen I got for 35 baht. Tired from all the window-shopping and commuting, there is a window next to me that has just given me a view of a really awesome, calming scenery of the Thai sunset. Can this never end is all what’s in my head.

Too bad this all happened 294 days ago.

But I wish it was happening this very moment.


4215 files, 63 folders. 16.0 GB. That is how much space pictures take up on this turtle netbook. I’ve already deleted half a thousand pictures last month, but the size can’t seem to go down even a gigabyte or two, maybe because even if I delete, I take new photos (and that takes up the space again), so it’s all useless. 3/4 of the pictures I take are useless (and I mean useless)—I saw a sink! If that isn’t useless, I don’t know what else is.

But I’m a pack rat. Even when it comes to pictures. I don’t like throwing away things. I don’t like having to get rid of files, especially when it consists of intangible things, like memories, as cheesy as it sounds. Deleting pictures for me is like erasing a memory off my head. But I had no choice… this laptop’s speed degrades every second of every day, so I had to go through all my files and delete what I thought I could delete.

If I have to delete, what better way is there to immortalize these happenings but by writing about them?

Which leads me to writing about a trip to the Land of the Smiles.

I actually wrote a few entries about it on this blog when I arrived home from the trip last year. For some unknown reason, I stopped. Untimely it may be to write about, I cannot seem to not write about a country that made me bring home nothing but happy memories. Really, there’s just something about Thailand.

We stayed in Pattaya the whole trip. Excluding the airport which is located in Bangkok, I only spent a good five hours in the capital, so I wasn’t really able to go around and go sight-seeing. It’s like how I go to Manila to go to Divisoria—I’m cooped up in a shopping district, away from the sights of Intramuros or Manila Bay, although I wish it wasn’t like that. That’s what happened in Bangkok.


Before heading to Bangkok from Pattaya, we heard Mass at St. Nikolaus Catholic Church. It was celebrated in Thai, so I did not understand a thing, but I enjoyed, actually! It was a first for me. That was the time I had really immersed myself with the Thai language. I love how it sounds. I love how tonal it is.


One of the many reasons why I love Thailand is that the people are so nationalistic. Every corner of the street has a flag. Saying that is an understatement. You walk, you see flags on the roads. You take a bus, you see flags on the highway.


Our tummies were really satisfied at this place. I don’t know its name actually, but it might be the one on the signage on one of the pictures above. The food served here was really, really, really good—how can they not, when you see the locals themselves eat here?

DSC06522 DSC06532

We walked to the Eastern Bus Terminal, located at Sukhumvit Road. If I still remember correctly, the ticket from Pattaya to Bangkok cost 120 baht. The trip took roughly two hours. Knowing we only had so little time to spend at Bangkok, the most sight-seeing I did was to look out of the window as the bus moved.

It amazes me that even if Thailand is not exactly the nearest country to the Philippines (even timezones are different), they have quite a lot in common— from how people look, to the weather (although the sun shone more directly on our skin there, or maybe it was just me, haha), to how the outside world looks like. It’s a whole new world, but it still feels like home.


Shiny, neon, sparkly magenta taxis! How can you not love Thailand?!

Our first stop was JJ Mall located at the Chatuchak district. It reminded me of 168, Greenhills and V-Mall combined. Cheap finds—check!

DSC06543 DSC06544 DSC06546

This picture sort of creeps me out even up to this day. As I took this snapshot, blink eye detected was written on the camera. This is a statue, by the way. Freaky… lol.

Our lunch was Swensen’s! I saw a lot of branches in Thailand. If I’m not mistaken, there are two branches here located at Eastwood and MoA. The menu here is good, but nothing beats the sticky rice there.

DSC06559 DSC06560 DSC06561

Green rice! Would you just look at that… it’s amazing. We should make our own version. Suman, perhaps?


The reason why we had ice cream for lunch was because Chatuchak Weekend Market was all about food, food, food. It was here where I bought peanuts, durian chips(!!!), and candied tamarind as pasalubong. And ate a lot. A lot of street food. Good street food. Chatuchak was such a happy place where you see locals and tourists all around the place. One of my goals this summer is to go food-tripping and just eat, eat, eat without the feeling of regret.



The market isn’t all about stuffing your mouth with good food. They also sell clothes, household goods, appliances, and a ton of trinkets. Things here are all so affordable, and I regret not being able to buy anything besides food. A lot of things (if not all) in Thailand are cheap and I assure you that the feeling of regret in spending will never creep in you. Even Dairy Queen is cheaper here. It’s not the same case for McDonald’s though!


What kept me hydrated the whole day. It may be not clearly seen on the photo, but it amazes me how every drink in Thailand is served with a straw. I don’t know if that’s something to be surprised about, but even what you buy in convenience stores comes with a straw!


The day ended with a bus trip back to Pattaya, including a very sumptuous dinner at Took Lae Dee located at Foodland Supermarket. They serve really great food. I had my first taste of authentic pad thai, and what can I say… I fell in love!


That was how my five hours in Bangkok was spent. The places I went to weren’t even half of all the must-see places in Bangkok, and even up to this day, I still don’t want to know what I missed. It’s been almost a year, but the happy days spent here are still as clear as memories. What a day trip. Five hours well spent!

Thailand Part 2: Pattaya Floating Market + Khao Kee Chan

Why, hello there!

052612. After eating some good, authentic Thai food on the streets of Pattaya (by Jomtien Beach), we headed to some tourist attractions within the province of Chonburi. Although the place was slighty congested with so many tourists and locals, Pattaya Floating Market was such a happy place with a lot of food stalls and souvenir shops. After an hour or two of non-stop walking, we headed to Khao Kee Chan. Good thing there were no steep steps to climb to see the Buddha mountain up-close or my feet would have killed me already! The scene was so beautiful and peaceful. The last attraction we visited was Silver Lake and we spent a few minutes in it. Everything was so green. The last stop on that day was at Big C Extra to have dinner at the foodcourt. Had cha yen (nai cha!) and Hainanese chicken.

Day 1 well spent!

Thailand Part 1: At the Airport + Pattaya

Sawasdee ka!

Oh, the Land of the Smiles! A week has passed since the day I first set foot on the beautiful Thailand. It was a trip from May 25-30 (technically it was only a four-day trip, not counting the airport and flight). Time flies so fast — it seems like I was just slurping a hot bowl of tom yum for dinner a few hours ago, still getting used to right-hand drive, and all what I see are Thai symbols and street signs.

The trip was more than amazing. Despite the long lines at the immigration, the (slight) delay of the flight and the sleepless nights among all, I would do everything all over again just to be in the country! I have so many stories and experiences that I would like to jot down and I don’t think I could squeeze them all in one blog post.

At NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3, still in the Philippines.

9:37 PM. Flight 5J 931, off we go!

Ohh, can you see the mist on the right?

I took a picture of a page from Smile, a magazine I found on the passenger’s seat. The stewardess then said, “Ma’am, pwede niyo ‘yan iuwi!”

Ah! Ganun ba? Lol.

See, I know nothing about traveling.

1:37 AM. Hello, Thailand!

Look — it clearly says “Cameras and camera phones prohibited.” I swear I did not see that! I was probably just too excited that I snapped around. No wonder I asked myself why I was the only person holding a camera. Seriously.

Oh, Maita, tsk!

Red says Manila; green, Hong Kong.

It was such a nice feeling to be in a place with people of so many different nationalities. While lining up at the immigration, I was discreetly staring at everyone (which I know was rude, hehe) and it amazed me how and why many tourists flock to the place. Now I know why. The weird thing I did was to try to take a glance at the passports tucked into their hands — oh, mukhang Pilipino… ay, ‘di pala! Haha.

Another great feeling was to hear them talk all in different languages. There were some I recognized, specifically Chinese. Although I wasn’t exactly “listening”, I heard a woman tell the girl she was with, ” 二十三!“ I wasn’t exactly sure, but then I immediately looked at them when I heard that. No matter how many times I think that I know no Chinese… hmm, amazing feeling. Hehe.

Mostly spent time browsing through the stalls of 7-Eleven during the wee hours and being amazed with everything I saw. Just some random drink I grabbed. The first thing I bought in Thailand — milk tea for 15 baht (₱21). Not bad! How did I know it was milk tea? Well, the English translation, of course!

We were looking for a place to stay (and sleep) but everything was just occupied by everyone. Think of one person occupying a six-row seat, treating it like a bed and snoring to death. The establishments nearby were closed too. We were supposed to stay at the airport the whole time since the first bus that left for Pattaya was at 8:00 AM. I seriously didn’t know how to kill time! Spent around two hours at Subway since it was the only place where I could have access to the internet (although there were so many connections recognized by the computer, everything had a password). Bought unlimited Coke for 50 baht, I think. I was able to go online and do the usual things such to check my e-mail and Facebook. I went on Skype and QQ too and I chatted with two of my closest friends. Fun — we even had a group chat. It was nice of them to have kept me company during that time. Not-so inside joke: Mika, anong pangalan mo? Laftrip! Haha. :p

First meal at 5:51 AM for 55 baht (roughly ₱77). Still no sleep.

Taking the window seat, as always. On the way to Pattaya.

After around two hours and a half from Suvarnabhumi Airport, we arrived at Pattaya, southeast of Bangkok. According to my Tita who stays there, Pattaya is more on the “provincial” side — think Batangas or Laguna.

So clean!

1:56 PM. Had lunch at a place (I don’t think it had a name, although all I remember was it being at the same establishment of Siam Commercial Bank!) The place was open-air and opposite Jomtien Beach. It was pretty relaxing to be eating at the sight of a beach right there.

As what everybody says, eat where the locals eat!

Ohhh, look, pink tissue. See how shallow the things I take a picture of get!

Of course, a post wouldn’t be complete without food — Thai food, that is!

I wrote all the romanized names of the food on my notebook… too lazy to get it (well, I don’t know which was which). Four words: everything was so good!

Mint leaves right there!

Rice. It was originally in a square shape. We were taught to roll it like a lumpia and eat it straight from the plastic. So cool.

I loved how everything was served with straws (yeah, even the milk tea I bought at 7-Eleven)!

Wee, happy tummy.