Gifts from Guam

Joy recently came from her almost-a-week stay in Guam along with her bandmates!

She got us these cookies as her pasalubong and we nibbled them during brunch time. Since I promised to blog about it, I brought the empty box home. :p

Oreo from the airplane! They were not “crunchy” unlike what we have here. I honestly think Oreo’s better chewy.

And this, this… seriously literally made me jump like a little kid in the classroom.


I didn’t expect these at all! I was so happy, and I still am. Super grateful. Aww *sniff*, Nahshin,Β thanks for keeping me in your thoughts while enjoying the crystal clear beach water (as what you said) under the warmth of the sunshine, with your precious violin tucked under your arm in a foreign island. You gave me one of my favorite things, and I can never be grateful enough!

Hafa adai (say it as half a day!)

I asked Joy to write some Korean. My Hangeul is slowly deteriorating every second of everyday. Oh, and don’t forget my Zhongwen too.

Me: Write something in Korean — something funny or an inside joke, so that I could practice reading!

Joy: *gives the postcard* Haha, I will not tell you the meaning. :p

Me: Haha, okay… I will [use] Google Translate!

I can read and write Korean (well, I try, try very hard, lol) but my knowledge of it does not go past the Korean alphabet. I don’t know anything on sentence construction, numbers and colors, how verbs conjugate, or know the most basic words (well, except annyeonghaseyo and sarang, but who doesn’t know these?) πŸ˜€

And sometimes, it makes me wonder when I could actually put this little knowledge into actual use. I can read some words, but I don’t know what they actually mean. I guess that’s one disadvantage of learning a language with an alphabet of its own.

So here, I tried to type what was written above:

λ‚˜μ€‘μ— κ΄Œμ— 같이 κ°€μž

(Unfortunately, I do not have a Korean input method installed on the computer, but here‘s the website I often use. For a romanized-ish and more user-friendly one, here‘s another link!)

I think I lost a few brain cells. Haha. :p

Heck, I don’t even know if that’s correct! I’m not sure with the last letter either, and I don’t even know if there’s a space after the third to the last letter. Lololol.

Scroll up and please help me see if they are the same, hehe.

Now that I have the words, it’s time to copy + paste on Google Translate! I just want to know what it means so badly… thanks Joy! You motivated me to become a productive person. Lol.

Click to view source


Hmm. Accurate.

Hahahahahaha Joy, I’m laughing right now.

Lol. Finally, the mystery has been unraveled!

I seriously don’t know how to conclude this post, so here’s a piece of what you can find in Joy’s lunch box everyday. One of the ways I get to practice some Korean is by reading food packaging on random hours of the day. Oftentimes it comes with some sort of bribery, but in a good way — I can’t get Joy’s food if I can’t read the name of the food product. Best way to learn!

Thank you Joy for all the gifts! Yes, we’ll all go to Guam someday, that’s gonna happen! :p Advanced happy birthday!

Blog about Guaaaam!



I’m back to school after three worthwhile months of summer vacation, it’s past my usual sleeping time (eh, not really!), there are classes the next day, but here I am, blogging. I mean, I could be doing other things right now such as catching up on some zzz’s or what, but today’s June 13.

Just this summer, I made a very good decision of learning Hangeul, and I’m so happy I did. And it was exactly a month ago.

There’s a little “anecdote” behind it all, as what Josip said. It may be so weird for me to be reiterating what happened since he had already written about it on his blog. Well, there are always two sides to a story, right? πŸ˜‰ But then, his version of it can be read here!

Josip and I were talking on Facebook. We have this thing of exchanging random questions for us to answer, and I mean random — from the last food I ate to the last word he said out loud,Β  and from the battery capacity of his phone to the smallest thing I can find on my desk. Pretty random, right. :p One of the questions that day was what language he would prefer to learn — whether Korean or Japanese. It was a question that randomly popped into my mind without the thought that it would lead to anything, or something actually!

So here’s how the convo went:

I was more than surprised and excited when he asked me if I wanted to learn Korean with him (haha, kita naman sa tadtad ng Omg’s, diba?). Korean’s a language I’ve honestly always considered learning (which I’ve actually mentioned in this blog post… wow, it actually came true!) and it was something I was always curious with. A question I often asked myself before — why does Korean have so many circles? And with my recent interest in a couple of K-pop music (and K-drama which I had loved since forever), I thought that it was pretty sensible for me to learn it. I, mean, me, attempting to learn another language? Eh, I don’t even think half of my brain cells can handle this Chinese language-learning I’m doing (and ultimately failing at it!). Lol, I’d like to tell myself that that was a joke… but it wasn’t. Oftentimes I have been disappointed when I tell myself that it would be a total failure if I decided to learn another language — hello, I can’t even construct a sentence in Zhongwen to save my own life! Haha… man, I’m soooooooooooooo funny! </sarcasm>

But then all that anxiety vanished when I knew I wasn’t going to do something new all by myself.Β  It’s always fun to share that same enthusiasm — striving for the same goal together!

It’s been exactly one month, and today happens to be my first day of school as well. Just this day, I had a great opportunity and chance to be able to talk to my Korean classmates regarding, well, Korean! One scenario was with Minju who I was groupmates with in this homeroom activity we had in the classroom. In between brainstorming and compiling our ideas, I was asking for help and we were doodling Korean characters on my notebook.


Oh man, I’m not yet done with this post… it’s like 11:52 pm but I don’t want to delay posting since I purposely wanted to make it fall on the 13th of June. ‘Kay, night, blog post, wait till I conclude you… soon!