Travel Tales: Vigan

I’ve had antique-shop-and-cobblestone-street-filled days this first weekend of July. Even with the typhoon showing itself during the second half of our stay, that didn’t stop us from what we intended to do, explore, and see — tight schedule and all — which included walking (and looking like hipster fools) in the very strong rains.

Whether strolling around Calle Crisologo and its side streets meant the sweltering heat of the sun or getting soaked by the downpour, Vigan proved to be a city truly so charming, deserving of all its praise and world heritage recognitions. As my cousin aptly labels it to be, #stillhadfun!

I thought that arriving at three in the morning would sort of be a bad thing. But then, walking around the ancient streets in the early hours ’til sunrise turned out to be quite cinematic.


5 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Vigan

  1. O M G. Uyyy sup bruh!! I know, huhu. Just haven’t had the time, and most of the time I’d simply choose to do other things. It also doesn’t help that everyone is on Twitter/IG/Snap, and nowadays blogging seems to be solely associated with sponsorship, readership, and the like, which is somewhat discouraging especially if you’re someone who chooses to write just because. I haven’t even been on WordPress for so long, I almost forgot this blog existed!

    Awww your comment 😦 kilig that you dropped by. Appreciate it! Funny how you still remember this blog — and me actually, lol. How have you been?!

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