When in Taichung: Get lost in IKEA

One of my favorite stops in Taichung definitely needs an appreciation post. Well, that favorite is no other than IKEA!

It wasn’t actually part of the written itinerary, so a good 40-minute walk to the establishment was quite unprepared for—sleep-deprived and all! But for a wonderful place like this, hey, no complaints. 


I literally squealed like a kid when I saw this scene! Taiwan and Sweden flags in one frame… well, what more can you ask for. My dreamland and another! I have occasionally blurted out my appreciation for Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) on quite a few posts. For a region 5,000 miles and two connecting flights away, this is the closest I can get to the place.

I came across an article stating that IKEA is soon to hit our shores soon. I hope that’s real. It feels weird to know that all your neighboring countries have a branch or two.



Taiwan! Jag älskar och saknar diggggg! Again, I am weird that I occasionally throw a few Swedish words and phrases here and there. Yep, my love for the nation prompted me to download the first 25 lessons of Basic Swedish on Memrise for offline reading. Apparently I know more Swedish than even five characters of Katakana. Whaaat. Such a nerd. I hope all these weird pastimes of mine contribute to the betterment of myself as a person. Hahaha.

DSC04816 DSC04817

Their grocery had a very wide selection of Scandinavian loot. Surprisingly, a lot of things were actually pretty affordable! For some reason, in my current trips, things come out much cheaper than what I would expect them to be; at the same time, things are actually more expensive than what I would expect them to be.


There are lockers where purchases can be deposited. To activate it, you need to put a coin on the slot. But when it’s time to get your stuff and leave, you get your coin back! I wouldn’t know if this is supposed to be a normal thing in many countries, but I was genuinely amazed. I haven’t seen anything like it in our country, but that’s probably because I haven’t gone to a lot of modern establishments here either. Anyhow, we need to adapt this scheme!


I love how I’ve never spotted a thank you for not sitting here sign anywhere here! Now it makes me think—does that only exist in the department stores of our country?


I’m not quite sure if these are stools or tables (it’d be cool if they function as both!), but they are so pretty I want to cry. You Scandinavians are design geniuses. Minimalism everywhere.


There was quite a handful of room design inspirations and just like this, you can buy this whole room set for a fixed price. There were nicer sets, but this was something I would totally adapt for a dream home!


The person who loves to take selfies with me (a twofie, I suppose?) but hates taking my pictures when asked. I’m in the dreamland and why no pictures of myself??? Haha. I’ve yet to have a travel companion who doesn’t mind having the occasional stops for a great photo op. Let’s travel the world together.


This picture looks so uncannily similar to my current profile picture it makes me laugh. Both pictures of us abroad seated on chairs. I don’t get my choices either. If people have #tumblingshots to add to their travel collection, I’m really considering sofa shots for mine. Hahaha. Sorry, I sound so annoying.


My travel buddies, my kuya and ate throughout our trip. They are the nicest people ever, and never did I encounter a dull moment with them. I laughed to my heart’s content every second. Love and miss them to bits!




In hindsight, I should have bought this for my youngest brother. I didn’t know until that day that he has this inexplainable admiration for Peter Pan the movie. Sometimes my relationships with my siblings make me doubt myself… lol.

DSC04832 DSC04833

Awkward angles and poses, and obviously contrived, yes, but broccoli. How can you not love IKEA?


To cap off our visit to IKEA, we had a quick stop at the restaurant located on one of the upper floors. Had waffles and juice made of this variant of fruit that I forgot. I really can’t remember for the life of me what it was, but it tasted great!


Here’s what could be seen through the building windows. Not the nicest picture, but definitely the nicest view of the district.

DSC04844 DSC04845

Just before I end, let me say that the title of this post is quite apt. IKEA is so huge that even when on the same floor, you’d be endlessly scouring the stalls and hallways for amazing interiors and quirky house finds. So many times did I say out loud, “I don’t remember passing by here!” just when we were about to walk to the next floor. Spending the afternoon in IKEA and getting lost in its little corners are a seemingly never-ending maze after all!

Xiangshang Road, Nantun District, Taichung / 台中市南屯区向上路

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  1. Ayitayi ta left ayitayi ta right ang gung gung gung gung gun tweni AI

    Wehw wehw wehw weh weh weh wehw wehw

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