‘Lucky’ and ‘rich’, you say

But not quite.

So there is something that has been, I don’t know… disturbing me for quite a while. It really isn’t anything bad or something I should make a big deal out of, but it all started with what I saw on my stats bar:



Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like the first thing I check when I enter my dashboard is this blog’s statistics page, lol. I do check it out from time to time when I feel like it, because for a blog that I don’t really tell others about (even to people I personally know), I am curious to know how people on the internet end up here. Also, I have never placed my blog’s link elsewhere. Okay, scratch some of that—ever since this certain traumatizing thing happened to me that had to do with my blog (which happened not too long ago), I’ve been extra careful with every little word I post here. Okay, scratch all of that—ano ako, artista? Haha. But seriously, nobody really reads this anyway, so getting a referral from Twitter was really weird. I myself don’t have Twitter anymore, which I only found out last weekend. I have been religiously reactivating it every 30 days to retain my account… well, apparently, I tried to log-in 31 days after (just by a difference of one day, gahd!), so my Twitter’s disappeared into thin air. How sad and unlucky, so it’s goodbye Twitter for me.

So I thought, who in the world would be including my url in a tweet? Certainly can’t be me, or whoever.

(Note: I know that the tweets can be easily searched, and in effect would let their usernames be seen, but I've blurred them because I would feel uncomfortable 'revealing' other people's things without their consent, hehe.)

Curiosity kills, so here’ s what I ended up seeing. And then, the tweets in detail (read in reverse).

Hmm… wow. That was, uhm… quite a handful.  Imagine what my reaction was when I read those tweets. Apparently, it seems as if I am this ~*liberated*~ and ~*privileged*~ underage kid who can travel whenever and however she wants to, without the supervision of her parents. Again, don’t get me wrong; I am grateful and thankful for the trips that I have gone to when I get the chance. Traveling is not something I get to do all the time, so all of it is a big deal to me. But being labeled “rich” and “lucky”, in line with that, by someone I don’t know is just… I don’t even know, really. It’s a plethora of feelings.

(not a relevant picture, just trying to break the text—travel feels circa 2013 aka junior year)

Well, I’ve been totally misinterpreted. Now, it makes me thinkis this how I portray myself on the world wide web? Is that what my blog entries reveal about who I am? Uhm, that is sort of degrading on my part… I guess. But I don’t know.

But okay, so first things first!

  • I did not “travel around Asia”. I mean, that’s rightthe only countries I’ve been to are in Asia, but the first tweet suggested one way or another that I had this Asian cruise or backpacking trip around Asia in one go, omg. Haha. Nope. Also, I did not travel “without my parents”. Of course I did, and I don’t think there’s any reason I would not go with either of them. As of this date, I’m a minor.
  • More importantly, I did not “travel alone to Korea”, although, wow, I would love that. To go to a foreign place all by myself has always been on my bucket list, and it’s something that’s yet to happen. If I could pack my bags and leave all alone tomorrow, I would. But obviously, I can’t. And that’s not gonna happen. At least, not anytime soon. Yes, my parents weren’t with me when I went to Korea, but I was with my brother who turned legal that year. In addition to that, I was invited by my Korean classmate to visit her homeland and was hosted by her family, so my experience was the farthest from being alone. The experience was the nicest, yes, but the process wasn’t all glitter and gold. Getting a travel clearance for minors, at least, in my case, was not exactly an easy ride.
  • I am (was) not from La Salle La Salle (go figure)!
  • I’m not “rich anyway”. Uhm. Whaaaat the. That, I admit, sort of got into me. I never even thought of myself as such. I don’t know what her basis was of saying that (I mean, she did relate it to where I ‘come from’), but maybe is it because of being “able to travel”? Or being “able to travel alone without any parents”? I’m no travel guru, and don’t aim to be one, but trips don’t necessarily mean expensive. Traveling will cost you somethingthat’s true, but it doesn’t have to cost you everything. Ever since I got bitten by the travel bug, going somewhere always had to be possible through budget airlines, piso fares, and red-eye flights; otherwise, nothing, really.

Just thought I’d clear that up. And lastly, to the girl who tweeted those, in case you come across this post, hello. 🙂


5 thoughts on “‘Lucky’ and ‘rich’, you say

  1. People in the countries where I have been often have tagged me as “a rich American” just because I am/look/dress different. I, too, travel the cheapest flights I can find because I can’t afford better – but for MANY people, being able to fly at all puts me squarely in the rich category.

  2. Ditto! I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Yep, same here—all my trips, I owe to the cheapest plane tickets and low-cost airlines. Indeed, travel is a privilege, but not only for the privileged. You get what I mean 😉 I appreciate your thoughts!

  3. Don’t take it to heart. People spend their time and money differently, and you shouldn’t feel bad about getting the opportunity to travel. I have once snapped at someone that what I do with my legally earned and taxed money is really only my business as long as I only spend it on legal activities and don’t hurt someone else in the process. Someone might prioritise going to the cinema every week or buying coffee from a cafe every day instead of making it at home, others prefer to save it for travelling to other countries or something else. It’s common sense that you cannot spend the same money twice or grow it on trees in your garden so it’s really quite simple. As for ‘being a minor’ – that’s the perks of having older siblings and parents who also like to travel and prioritise it 😉

  4. So true. Couldn’t agree more with everything you said! Different strokes for different folks, as they say. I had a friend who once said that she’d prefer to spend on more ‘important’ things than travel. It pretty much came off as a hurtful statement to me because she mentioned it when we came across the topic on how I personally like to travel. But oh well, to each his own! Some may prioritize purchasing the latest pair of designer shoes or choosing to dine at a swanky, posh restaurant, and that’s fine, as you said, just as long as they are spending their money in the right way. No one should dictate how you should be spending what you rightfully earned in the first place. As long as you are able to afford what you buy and not go beyond what you can manage, then that’s very much okay. Well, what I’m saying is that we must spend within our means and be practical, wise spenders. The worst thing that could happen is to wallow in incredible debt, and nobody would want that.

    The last sentence you wrote—didn’t even realize it until you mentioned it! Being a minor is not so bad after all, I suppose. Wouldn’t have it any other way though, haha. By the way, you learn Korean too? That’s cool! My knowledge of it doesn’t go anything past the Korean alphabet though. Can read and write, but can’t speak. 안녕! ㅋㅋ 🙂

  5. I’ve also enjoyed the perks of having older siblings 😉 e.g. spending a whole month in Milan on summer holiday when my brother was living there. That would not have been possible if he hadn’t been living there and 11 years older than me so my parents would not worry about me going there 😉

    Yes, I’m studying Korean whenever work/studies allow 🙂 oh speaking… That awkward moment when you understand what is going on around you but cannot bring together all your Korean knowledge to produce even three coherent sentences hahaha

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