Travel Tales: Taiwan


P.S. Taiwan is mah turf. You know, just casually walking around the night markets with Wanting Qu, Da Mouth, and Jay Chou songs playing, and passing by stalls with posters of Rainie Yang and Mayday is like inhaling and exhaling… hehehehehe. I LOVE TAIWAN!!!

These were the last sentences of the e-mail I sent to my dad after my first day in Taiwan has passed. As of this moment, it’s been three days since I’ve bid the place goodbye, and I’m having a terrible case of wanderlust withdrawals. Four days in the dreamland of three years is not enough.

If not for this place, I wouldn’t have had the chance to physically hold music albums of the songs I call familiar, been a ruler away from my ultimate idol, felt the genuine kindness of Taiwanese people… but those are just the little bits and pieces that make up the picture.

Taiwan, you have done me well. And as “goodbye” in Chinese literally means see you again, well, yes, we will. I’ll see you again, 再见! 🙂

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