Quick Post from Taoyuan

Da jia haaaaaaaaaao! Now is the perfect time to say that. Greetings from the dreamland—Taiwan, specifically Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport!!

Well, I’ve been here for six hours so far, but still stuck in the airport. In a few minutes, we’ll be buying our bus tickets to head to our first stop here. Nothing really has happened yet but I am so excited for what’s in store for the next few days. I actually don’t “feel” that I’m in Taiwan, or in another country at the least because of the two-hour distance between the Philippines. But I think that’s gonna change once I ride the bus and watch the view from the windows. As my brother said, just now, “Wow, Taiwan high.” Well, you can’t blame me, I’m breathing the same air as my idols!

Alright, heading out now! Leggo!


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