20 days of summer break

It’s already been almost a month of summer break so far, yet it doesn’t feel like it at all. As much as I’ve always looked forward to bidding the past chapter of my life goodbye, the fact that it had actually already happened is such a hard pill to swallow, and I’ll be honest about that. I’ve always considered myself to be someone easily attached to people—I might call people I met at a workshop-seminar for five days my best friends; label people from the internet I’ve Skyped and QQ-ed with to be amazing people in my life. But to the ones you’ve practically grown up with during your awkward and pubescent years, well… I pretty much am feeling a mild case of hashtag sepanx with quite a few.

Anyway! Enough rant for now. Jotting down tidbits of my lazy, summer days because this 127-day summer is simply overwhelming:


Day 2. Went up again to the mountains of Rizal to see the Lady on top of the hill. I found out I was going just literally minutes before I was about to sleep (and I wasn’t quite prepared to wake up by sunrise…). Nevertheless, it felt nice to have done a good deed for the Lenten season. Right after, we went to the Cathedral in Antipolo. I offered a prayer for the intercession of Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje, which is pretty much self-explanatory. I felt like such a high maintenance kid having done that (well, haha), but nothing better than being guarded by your faith, I say!

Day 4. Had our visa appointment at the very guarded and strict embassy located in Roxas Boulevard. So that’s how an interview felt like!  I was actually impressed by the US embassy’s regulations—everything was so organized, from the lines by the gate to the queue numbers! Oh, and can I say that the married couple just right before us was denied of a visa… imagine what we felt being right after them. I really felt bad for them, but I was more anxious as we were the next ones in line. Grateful and thankful to the consul who even kidded around about what degree I would be taking up as an incoming university student. “What ya gonna do with that?” he said. Biggest blank face of my life ever. What I was supposed to say even? I will never forget that instance. Haha. In hindsight, I should have stated my exact major instead of its “old name”, but with that, I say, thank you. So, Meiguo, see you in a few!



Day 9. Went on a daytrip to Tagaytay with my high school peeps! I wasn’t able to join them in the sleepover the evening before that because I caught a fever all of a sudden, and was in the E.R. a couple of days before that. I am so annoyingly high maintenance, I say again. We enjoyed the breathtaking view and awesome sights, played two games of bowling (and yep, I have never been embarrassed in my whole life having dropped the ball as I was just about to swing my hand, hahaha, yep, I got EQ issues), saw little ponies, played that boring fun Aligator toy (as Anna coined it to be), spent quite a while in the quaint wood-walled cottage, tested Anna and Joy’s Tagalog skills on the way home. Knowing how we’re all going to different universities, it sucks to think that this was the “last”. Why am I caught up with the idea that it’d take years for all of us to meet as a group again? Well, enough negativity for now. Can’t thank Anna and her mom enough for the warm hospitality and kindness!


Day 10. Felt like pre-senior year and review classes time. Mariah spent the next few days here. We went to the salon and got our nails done (I got nude polish, while she got a pink-platinum combination on her nails!). Was supposed to have a picnic with my lovely neighbors aka Nitch and Yomi, having chips and that red-checkered tablecloth-turned-picnic-mat ready but life priorities happened (read: college stuff). Well, at least we got to talk to Nitch for like 30 seconds on the street!


Day 12. Spent the day in three different malls in three different cities. Had lunch with my other high school buddies at ATC! It was short albeit sweet. Again, split up into different universities, so it was a sad feeling to part. Gonna miss these people! 😦 Caught up with each other’s lives (wow, reunion?) over great grub at Banapple. I had to leave right after eating to go to Greenhills and SM North after. Hashtag busy girl, hehe.

Day 13. Went to 168! I am at my happiest when I am here—cheap finds that don’t make me (and my wallet) cry, and for the obvious reason that I am, uhm… in my turf. Overhearing chit-nng-sã convos, familiar tunes playing, ideal venue to practice my reading ‘skills’? ‘Nuff said. Okay, I know. I shall stop. Hahahaha. Everytime I’m here, I order the same dish for lunch all the time, which never fails to make my tummy happy. Order “egg cha fan” at Lanzhou Lamian, 5th floor!


Day 15. Had a haircut, which I liked at first, but really, really regretted a few minutes later. I always get a haircut on a whim, and end up hating it after. I will never have my hair cut ever again. Also, finally had the opportunity to have the point-and-shoot fixed at a service center (after all these years, mein gott). Getting a new and better one isn’t really a good idea (again, priorities). It’s not the best camera, but it pretty much suits what I need. This camera’s been with me for so long that I’d hate to disown it, having gone to many places and having immortalized memories with it. Now that the switch for the video now functions, here’s to more vlogs in the future!! Oh man, I am so excited, nobody knows how I feel.


Day 15 (still). Breathing all the Chinese I can, because, you know. I was studying Chinese as if it were for a legit exam one day last week, and read 70 pages for three hours straight. The day after that, I forgot everything I read. It’s so sad that in these three years of lazily learning the language, I know nothing (okay, I probably know something compared to who I was in grade seven, but you get the point), lol. I’ve been trying to memorize survival Mandarin phrases and photographic memory-ing tones. Concentrating on pinyin now because pinyin = survival. Why does this seem like a chore?! Haha.


Day 17. Witnessed the Washing of the Feet during Mass and did Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday with my relatives! No pictures of exteriors of churches because I prefer taking pictures in daylight. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done the latter. Visited the churches of BF-BF-Padre Pio-Eastwood-Nativity-Diliman-Claret in that order (yep, I’m a self-proclaimed Q.C. girl). Joined the bandwagon and tasted the green tea sundae at Family Mart for the first time. Obviously, I’ve failed at the twirl-all-you-can scheme!

Day 20. Not much. Just spent the evening on the laptop video jumping on Youtube. Ended up on radio interview videos of Khalil Fong and Weibird Wei. I always knew Weibird spoke perfect English, but wow, his articulate speaking skills simply astounded me. Aaaaand Khalil Fong, wo zui xihuan de geshou, what else? His rendition of G-Dragon《That XX》just raised my admiration level of him a thousand steps higher. How did I not know this video existed? You. are. amazing. And the soulgirl in me says: 小方,很棒!!非常爱你!



17 thoughts on “20 days of summer break

  1. I really love Weibird Wei, his voice and all his songs. I think he studied in a foreign country during highschool and he took up foreign languages during college. Plus both his parents are professors of foreign college on a different university.

  2. Yeah!! Totally agree with everything you said. I also love how he’s that smart guy who doesn’t even need to prove his smartness… haha. He graduated from Taiwan’s most prestigious university. He’s too humble! His new album is quite different from the style that I am familiar with, but the music’s still great. 🙂

    What’s your favorite song of Weibird?

  3. My favorite will be wolf haha. It’s just so different! Totally unexpected plus it has a really good meaning into it. I honestly like all the songs from his new album. Plus, that newhairstyle made him even look more mature and handsome haha

  4. Love that song too! The MV was just amazing. It was so well thought of. Aaaaaand yes, omg, I was so shocked when I saw his new look. I was like O_____o Something new from his laid-back vibes haha.

    I assume you come from the Philippines too? You don’t know how happy I am to find out someone from the archipelago who knows and likes him!! I’ve been fangirling alone for so long already. Haha. Do you listen to other Mandopop/C-pop artists as well?

  5. Yeah the whole forest thing and the cabin lol. What I didn’t like was the make out, but damn that scene where he was covered with blood.

    Yes, I’m from the Philippines as well! I recently got hooked into him after seeing his song from the cpop charts. To be honest, I’m a guy lol. Are you creeping out now? Haha, I’m sorry! I like Kimberely Chen, man having your song in the charts for 105 weeks is astounding. Oh yes, this is TsingTsong!

  6. Ohhhhh yes, exactly. That scene was pretty intense! Gahd I love Weibird haha.

    Oh omg no I’m sorry! For some reason I sort of thought you were a girl. But no, I’m not creeped out, not at all! Haha. I’m just really overwhelmed when I get to talk to people in the country who know stuff about C-pop, or even know such genre exists at the least haha. Yep I know her, but it’s my first time to listen to her songs right now! The song you’re talking about (it’s 《Ai Ni》, right?) is currently being played as I type this. 🙂

    Haha, nice to meet you!

  7. Sorry for? Do I type so gay? Lol.

    I love her, you should listen to Never Change. I’m sure you’d love her voice there. Ai Ni is good though and the video was well though of as well.

    Nice to meet you too! Keke

  8. Omg no! Not at all. I just figured… turns out I was wrong. Haha peace!

    Thanks to you I was listening to her songs the whole afternoon. Majority of the artists I listen to are guys, so… para maiba naman. Haha. One of her songs 《分手说爱你》(hehe, don’t know the English translation) has been on loop! I like her now! Her style reminds me of BY2, a girl duo, but I would choose Kimberley anytime of any day. Lol. Love discovering new artists! I’ve loved C-pop ever since high school, but if there are artists I consider my idols, it’s only around five. I like my little doses of K-pop too, but weirdly, I am familiar with C-pop more. Haha. Just a random thought.

    Let’s exchange music favorites sometime!

  9. Haha no, it’s okay. Darn, I should have pretended just for the fun of it.

    Hahaha. I feel you bro! There was a time I was listening to her songs for a week! As in songs lang niya haha. I liked BY2 before, pero now not much. I like kpop too! Wow I sound so gay, I don’t blame you anymore lol.

    Sure! Would love to get to know you rin! Hahaha I’m so FC 😛

  10. Omg as of this moment I am still listening to that song of hers. It’s very unhealthy… but in a good way haha.

    Nooooo way you also listen(ed) to BY2?! You can’t be real hahaha. You probably even know more artists than I do! These are things I can’t even talk about with people around me lol. Hahaha I wonder who else you listen to.

    Well yay to that then! Haha no it’s all good. FC rin yata ako to people I talk to online, so… that’s fair enough I guess. Lol. Hello fellow C-pop fan! Let’s fangirl/boy together haha.

  11. Congrats on graduating! Haha did I get that right? I just graduated too, but from college!

    It’s healthy as long as it’s good music! Honestly I know more kpop than cpop haha. I only know a few like mayday, show luo, JJ lin. For kpop, I know ALMOST all haha.

    Haha mga fanboys/fangirls talaga nakakaintindihan agad :))

  12. Hehe thanks! I don’t feel anything’s changed… but yay I’m off to college! Ohhhh congrats to you too! Welcome to the ~*real world*~ haha. If you don’t mind, what college did you come from? We can continue this conversation elsewhere if you’d like (well, it’s not like anyone reads this blog, but yeah, haha). I’m curious!

    Wow, I am amazed. Just the fact that you know these artists simply astounds me. You know them omg!! Medyo baliktad tayo, I know more C-pop than K-pop. Haha. I find myself weird cos here, it’s K-pop that’s known, and C-pop doesn’t really have a following in our country to even begin with. My C-pop fandom all started with Taiwanovelas, and then… the rest is history. Haha. Oh, you’re like my brother who super loves K-pop! Well, for me, I can’t say the same thing about C-pop—there are still so many artists I’ve yet to listen to. I tend to stick to one subgenre which is like soul/R&B/folk-rock so… yeah. Lol.

    Talaga haha tama ‘yan!

  13. Hahaha, that’s the same way I felt when I was in highschool! Parang wala lang hahaha. What do you plan on taking up? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m from UST, graduated BSBA major in marketing. Yes please, I feel like I’m spamming your comments hahaha. What’s more convenient for you??

    Good music is good music lol. I know also know J-pop hahah. K-pop is becoming too well-known that it’s starting to become so corny lol. I think C-pop produces the best folk-rock songs. Woot

  14. Ooohhhh, Tomasino! Cool! That’s like my other dream school haha. Kapatid ko taga-CFAD. I really don’t know what I want, honestly. Minsan gusto ko mag-Accountancy, mag-Journ… ewan hahaha. Pero ang kukunin ko ngayon, Social Science (econ, polisci… something like that). Lol I’m a clueless prick.

    Hahaha no it’s okay. Lol. Anything’s fine actually… what do you have? Natatawa lang ako kasi baka kung sino makabasa nito. But, like what I said, nobody reads this blog. Haha.

    Yes! Agree 🙂 Hmm… J-pop, may alam din akong konti, pero hindi ako nakikinig. Haha. Eh yun nga yung masaya eh, yung maraming may gusto :)) More fangirls/boys unite! Haha.

    Yes omg, trudat! Folk-rock = Weibird ❤

  15. Awesome! What batch? I know a few people from CFAD! That’s cool, I started like that rin. I had no idea what to take haha but I ended up liking it halfway. I mean come one I’ve already wasted two years of my life, why not just go for it lol.

    Fb? Twitter? Mail (LOL)? Haha I don’t want to feel like I’m stalking or forcing you. Hahaha but yeah I’m sorry kasi I’m spamming your comments haha.

    Jpop girl groups are awesome! They’re so liberated lol! Mukhang korny kasi ung iba eh, minsan di nila nagegets ung mga joke hahaha nagagalit pa.

    Yes! Exactly!

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