When in Seoul: Explore Gyeongbokgung Palace

Missing Gyeongbokgung Palace when in Seoul is like missing Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei or Fort Santiago in Manila. One can’t say he or she’s been to that particular country without visiting such historical landmark—there is so much to see and feel in terms of history, and of course, culture. And for a landmark that’s such a standout in the city, it’s not hard to overlook this piece of history.


I was filled with much awe the moment I saw Gyeongbokgung close up. It was that type of landmark you would see on Korean historical dramas, and it sort of felt unreal. More than the artifacts and ornaments we saw at the Folk Museum, this place truly gave me a chance to immerse myself in Korean culture—minus the hanbok traditional clothing and what not. Nevertheless, it was a lovely feeling.DSC02638

You know, just casually windblown… haha.


The admission fee varies for adults and kids. We got our tickets for 4,500 won each. For a wonderful and maintained landmark like this, it’s hard to believe it only cost around 135 pesos that time! Relatively cheap, if you ask me. And worth it. Korea lead me to a lot of surprises, actually. Surprisingly affordable things are just a few of them.


DSC02649 DSC02653

DSC02654Joy’s baon which she shared with us that day—barley tea (called màichá in Mandarin—yep, I am amazed!) and sweet rice drink.

DSC02655Gyeongbokgung Palace offers quite a lot of traditional activities like monthly tea ceremonies and calligraphy sessions. We experienced neither, unfortunately.

DSC02661When you’ve gone past the palaces, there is this stream you’ll pass by. With the clean, green waters, it was so calming and serene to look at.


And another regret… I swear we only had like less than 10 touristy pictures with our faces actually in it throughout the trip. I don’t know why either. Haha.DSC02672Media men from Korean TV stations such as KBS, MBC and SBS were present during that time for some reason I’m quite unsure about. It was a cool scenario.


I haven’t been to a lot of capitals but I have to say that Seoul is one of the most genuinely beautiful ones out there! There’s always that contrast of tall buildings and towering skyscrapers with mountain views—don’t forget the palaces and temples that add culture and vibrance to the city. It’s a beautiful mix of everything.


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