Bits + Pieces

Tumbleweeds are all over this place, it’s sad. But anyway, here’s a photo dump of many different things so far:


So there’s a newly-opened franchise of Starbucks nearby. People are pretty much still excited—it’s always annoyingly full—jam-packed with college students, highschoolers, and the like… but, well, it’s not like I’m a regular there or what. It took us around 40 minutes to an hour to get a table inside! Went with a busmate and a batchmate who live within a two-kilometer radius. You see, my school and house are separated by this long stretch of highway, so knowing people who live in the same district is something like… omg, we’re instant buddies now!!


I was amazed with the Philippine map, including its tourist spots and geological formations, entirely made of Lego blocks!


A cupcake-and-Korean-cuisine-kind-of-night with the junior year peeps aka the Soju Crew!DSC03913

I fixed my room and revamped my shelves! Well, to be exact, I simply sorted and rearranged all my journals and books and added some space-occupying stuff like the globe and cameras. This picture was taken a month ago or two, I believe, so obviously, everything’s messed up again, like how it always was, including the plant that pretty much died.DSC03918 DSC03924

We got an ice cream maker! Don’t let its toy-ish features fool you; this little machine can whip up a small batch in 20 minutes. Ice cream making is like baking—the measurements of the ingredients have to be exact, or it would come out as a yogurt texture, like the one above. I promise myself to experiment more this summer.


Green tea overload!DSC04227

My dage’s nüyou went to Hong Kong during the Christmas break and gave me all of this as pasalubong! Everything combined weighs like my brother’s grade school textbooks, I’m not even lying. Imagine what hassle it might have caused her when she had her luggage weighed or something. Didn’t even expect this, so imagine how touched I was! Trash composed of Chinese characters, and I mean that in the best possible way. She even got me two long-sleeved shirts! It’s always a wonderful feeling to be remembered. She is the nicest—nicest sister I never had. Hehe.

She also got us cha! She also gave us tea that sprouts a flower when hot water is poured—not quite sure how you call that.DSC04280

Study well for the UPCAT! Cross one box out of your bucket list and make that dream come true. Make your parents proud and do it because you aim for it. Lift up to God everything. Be a good Lasallian and be of service to others. Don’t care about what other people think of you. Do it for your country.

Just this week, my adviser gave us back the papers we wrote our goals and messages to ourselves on during the first day of school. I honestly don’t remember half of what I’ve placed here, let alone the thought of writing all of this. It’s nice to have a little reminder of the things we aimed and wished for 10 months ago. May it be a good or bad thing, I attained most of my goals, if not all, but I’m getting there… I think. DSC04303 DSC04304 DSC04305

It’s the annual garage sale! I’m not quite sure where the idea of selling pre-loved items to fund future trips was adapted from, but it’s a very practical and resourceful thing to do, I believe. Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5

I’m back to my old self, and that is, being a gamer once again. I’ve been playing The Sims 3 non-stop these past few days! Considering that my one-week break has barely started, it pretty much tells how many hours I’ve already consumed in playing. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t kill my productivity level. TS3 takes up all my time. It’s very unhealthy.

Well, what else? I’m officially done with high school. Marching on.


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