I made it 2.0


It’s a bit of a different feeling for me because this time I was the one who checked the results myself. As was I about to click the enter button, my nervousness and anxiety really had the best of me.

I made it to my other dream university!!!!!

I got into the program I really wished for, so I’m very grateful for that. In hindsight I shouldn’t have changed my second program choice on the test day itself, because, well… I am wait-listed for it. The number of people who applied for it is overwhelming, I swear. But yes, I (still) blame no one but myself. Haha.

I just realized how my college entrance exams experience is a combination of all sorts. I’ve experienced so many things and been labeled many different statuses, and as my dad jokingly said, nasa akin na raw ang lahat—qualified, wait-listed, barely passed (read: got accepted for my second campus choice). Lol. So now I understand how people really feel, say, such as those who got wait-listed for a course they really want to take. There’s that glimpse of hope, but then you still feel there’s something lacking… yep. Wow, this is one of the few times in my life I feel I am one relatable person out there. Haha.

Anyway… now I can say my long wait for all of this is over. Next thing(s) to figure out: Where am I really heading to next? I wish to be students of both schools at the same time, and I don’t even know how that’s going to be possible…

Lord, it’s up to You how my life story should go on.

I think I’m thinking too much, as always. Time to look for more shallow things to ponder on, such as what prom dress to wear. Oh no.


5 thoughts on “I made it 2.0

  1. I do not want to go. At all. I swear Nitch. Hassle. :((

    Thanks!!! Hang out soon please! I swear never natutuloy :(( I shall discuss my life plans with you!

    Can we bike? Hahaha butas nga lang gulong ng bisikleta ko :))

  2. Hahaha! Ako din noh, dalawa gulong kong sira. :)))

    Well, if you don’t want to go to prom, then don’t hassle yourself. Trash nalang natin XD

    Lakad lakad nalang tayo, or milk tea sa kanto! Yes, I shall discuss my life plans with you too!

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