It will be my year

Days until the last day of the year and I cannot wait for 2013 to end. I still have a lot to go through but I am so excited for Summer 2014. Bring it on. Fast forward to mid-April. I really cannot wait.


7 thoughts on “It will be my year

  1. I’d rather stay at this point in time, I don’t want to finish school, even though I’m fed up with it and I sometimes skip it without hesitation. It’s my last year too, but I’m not too excited for Summer 2014. Everyone here is going to the army but me, and I’ll be doing my psychometric exam in order to be able to get into a good university.

  2. My wish for it be to summer already is mostly because of selfish reasons, haha. Well, the first is this upcoming trip I’m really looking forward to, and the second is to graduate high school already. Uni life really excites me, although I’m still unsure where I’ll end up at. Same here—I’m fed up with school itself but I’m pretty sure I’ll regret saying this once my high school life’s officially over… haha. Oh, that sounds interesting. Where are you from, by the way? Good luck on your exam!

  3. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll regret these words too. I want to have a trip too but I probably won’t have the money, I want to visit Germany again. Since I don’t really know what I’ll be doing after I graduate high school, I’d rather not until I do know. that psychometric exam is a lot of time ahead, somewhere in August-September, but it’s really a difficult exam which you have to prepare for months before. I’m from Israel. 🙂

  4. I’m excited for summer 2014 too because of an upcoming vacation ^^ Ya but I don’t want time to fly by too fast! It’s hard to accept that my high school life will come to an end so quick…

  5. I totally understand! Well, for me, it’s a different thing… I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with high school, and for some reason it’s the negative things that tend to overpower me right now. As the end of high school is nearing, I really hope this feeling of mine changes. It’s probably because of the anxiety building up on me as the results of college exams are like… a month away. Haha. Well, I guess… carpe diem! ^^

  6. 但愿如此!!真的啊!哈哈。。。我明年会去台湾,非常开心!


    Sorry我的中文不是很好!Forgive the mistakes above… 但是because of the trip I’ve been learning really seriously… borrowed四本书from the library to learn… haha

    How and where are you spending the holidays?

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