When in Seoul: Shop at Myeongdong

Local brands, high street stuff, known and familiar names, and no brand shops make up the renowned shopping district of Myeongdong. You will see that tourists and locals alike thrive to the place for some shopping. A bit pricey in quite a lot of stores, but very affordable in a handful as well. I love how the establishments are all compacted together in buildings that are quite high. It really gives that distinct Myeongdong feel.

This was our one of our first stops in Seoul and this was where we had our late lunch (really awesome street food!), bought three Face Shop nail polishes for less than a hundred pesos, and got quite a lot of Korean beauty samples randomly handed to us by salesladies!



Myeongdong is such a happy place. You see and hear at least four different languages written and spoken here. Korea is so tourist-friendly, it’s amazing. The red banner above is written in Chinese. What I like about stores and shops in Korea (in general) is that there is at least someone who can speak Japanese or Chinese to assist you as you buy. Of course I took advantage of that opportunity, not by speaking, of course, but by listening to people conversing. Tested my non-existent skills. Hehe. You also get to see random guy groups dancing to G-Dragon’s music and people playing their instruments for a tip or two.

On a semi-unrelated note, a random seller actually talked to me in Chinese! It wasn’t in Myeongdong but in either Namdaemun or Dongdaemun market (I’ve got a terrible memory). As we were walking, the man selling in one of the booths said something in Chinese to me. I actually don’t remember what the sentence was, but all I remember was replying, “我不会中文!“ then ran away laughing like an idiot because I realized what I said was wrong (I think it can be used in chatting or what, but yeah). I missed one word which was “说” (say) so it pretty much came off weird. Well, with what I said, I wasn’t lying anyway right? Haha. But then, him talking to me in Chinese means he thought I was Chinese? I wonder what was in his head right after. I didn’t fool anyone!

DSC02466DSC02468 DSC02469

One of our biggest regrets was not buying stuff. Since it was only me and my brother depending on each other on budgeting our money, we would say no to purchases most of the time. Joy was our living conscience and she would always tell us, “Buy! Buy! Buy!!” My brother and I were so afraid that we would spend all our pocket money and not have a single cent left. We were too overwhelmed that we barely bought anything! Looking back, I could have bought so many more things because they were relatively cheap.

Would you believe I didn’t even buy any article of clothing throughout the trip? I don’t know what was going on my head… I was already in the land of pretty clothing. There were denim jeans in the perfect shade of blue being sold in the underground shopping markets for three hundred pesos and I didn’t even buy. I have so many regrets about this trip that even up this day I cringe. Joy was right. We should have bought, bought, bought. Haha. 

DSC02470 DSC02472 DSC02475

This was our lunch! Joy, her oppa, my oppa, and I shared these two plates of ddeokbokki and sausages with a name I’m unsure of. Served with them were warm tea. Street food can make you feel fulfilled so easily. DSC02480


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