Day 310: Happy Birthday



Today has been a pretty nice day in school. We surprised the two birthday girls of the week during lunch time. We were really in the brink of failing in successfully surprising them because Mika and I had absolutely no idea how to pull it off but things just happened and I guess it turned out well. Mika what do we do?!?!?!? Good thing that Tim came to the rescue! The situation is still so clear in my head that I am laughing until now… haha. Joy’s birthday is still tomorrow and Mariah’s the day after that, but it was a good idea to surprise both of them today, because neither of them suspected at all! Since it’ll be their birthdays, most probably, they would’ve already figured one way or another that we would surprise them with a cake or something, as what we did with Anna and Tim who celebrated theirs months ago.

Mariah was so persistent in asking how we’d surprise Joy and I told her that I’d take care of a “red velvet cake from Red Ribbon”. (Does that even exist?) Haha, biggest snap lie ever. That was today on our lunch table, a couple of minutes before the actual surprise happened. Joy heard our conversation and said, “You’re buying a cake [for tomorrow]? No, don’t!!” If that really happened, then so much for a surprise. If we did surprise Joy tomorrow, then Mariah would expect to also be surprised the next day, so why not hand the surprise when they would least expect it?

This is the last birthday for us to celebrate among us this year, and this is the last time we’ll get to surprise each other for a birthday in our high school life (aww). We’ll all be of the same age by Friday! And Mariah even said she wasn’t excited for her birthday. Well, yeah, whatever. :p Too bad I wasn’t able to take a close-up picture of the cupcakes. I hope they liked our almost-epic-fail surprise! Thanks da for buying them, and ma for tying the ribbons. Traced their names on art paper and cut them during one of my early classes… lol.

Abot tenga ang mga ngiti! Mariah, Malipayon na Kaadlawan! And Saengil Chukahae to Joy! Woo long live the international group~ haha.  永远永远最好的朋友,爱你们!

Thanks to my buddy Jamie for taking the pics!


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