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The sun hasn’t risen yet and I was trembling because of the cold air I wasn’t used to. With my crumpled, cream cardigan hugging my body and my black shawl wrapped around me like a blanket, I braved the wide and crowded hallways of the place. Tucked in my left hand was my purse filled with some bills to be converted to the local currency, and in the other was a tiny, brown book waiting to be kissed by fresh ink of a stamp. Unknown destinations, food trips, and cultural immersion were in store in the new and unfamiliar place. Although afraid, clueless, and helpless of the current situation I was in, the beginning of an adventure in a place one thousand miles away from home, all alone with my brother, was one of the most surreal feelings I had in such a long time. It felt so liberating yet restricting, humbling yet empowering, fulfilling yet unpromising… all at the same time. 



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