Tao, bagay, hayop?

What a way to start the five-day break. Watched Eat Bulaga live last Saturday—something to cross out of my bucket list!


This is the second time I’ve watched a TV show live. The first one was the now defunct Party Pilipinas, which was way back sophomore year. I always get excited for things like this since I like the feeling of getting starstruck, having celebrities ten feet away, as well as seeing what really goes behind-the-scenes. For some reason, this time, I didn’t get *that* starstruck, maybe because I’ve outgrown that phase of mine already, which I never thought I would. Or maybe it’s because my fangirling has escalated to Taiwanese stars (naks). I mean, that weird and crazy feeling of breathing the same air with them will always be there, but then, now, it isn’t really omg omg omg they’re in front of me!!

We were at Broadway Centrum at around 9:30 in the morning and gladly, there wasn’t much of a line. In less than an hour, we were already inside the studio. I really like how it was so organized and disciplined at Broadway. The staff was extra friendly too!


As we got our seats, they distributed the number cards for the jackpot segment. Funny how they even asked the audience to write how they’d spend the jackpot money in case they would be chosen. “Dapat dramatic!” my tita said. My life isn’t anything dramatic (lol yeah whatever) so I didn’t know how to write something enough for me to be worthy of winning. I didn’t know they had to do stuff like this… probably because they have to screen the potential winners of the jackpot?

And guess what… the jackpot segment didn’t even happen! We had to hold on to the numbers for nothing, as well as to give our personal details away. Maybe as they were reading the papers, they felt nobody was worthy enough of the money. Haha. I don’t know actually.


The remaining minutes before the show was on air were spent on the last minute practices and rehearsals of the dance crew, the celebrities, and the singers. As we entered the studio, Jose and Arnel Pineda were rehearsing their duet and they were so amazing! Didn’t realize Jose sings that well. The opening dance number was by Alden Richards(!!!), Mark Herras, and Rocco Nacino. Aaaah sobrang gwapo ni Alden, as in.


Bwiset mapapatingin ka talaga.

The emcees behind-the-scenes labelled all of us as a celebrity audience. Meaning, we were required to dance, clap, scream and shout, and stand up and sit on cue. We were taught the dance steps of the opening dance. This rainbow lighting tube necklace was also given to us for us to wear during one of the performances.


Selfie selfie din pag may time… haha. Proof!


Sam YG, Julia, and Keempee hosted the opening. I wonder if they also use manila paper when delivering the news?


Ryzza! She was so cute. Very chubby, but it suited her. I admit, I used to be annoyed at her when I would see her on TV because she was so pacute. Well, turns out, she was, just, naturally cute… in her own way.


It turned out that that Saturday was an extra special episode—it was the Dabarkads concert. The hosts performed, as well as other known celebrities.


Interesting things happen when the show isn’t on air—watching all the props being pushed to and away from the stage within a time limit of two minutes, seeing what the celebrities and hosts do when they step right out of what the camera sees, letting Ryzza guess the words during a mock up Pinoy Henyo game.


I saw a celebrity girl crush of mine, Isabelle Daza! Love how morena she is. To her right is Valerie Weigmann, from an old season of PBB. She was super pretty too.

And it was during this segment of the show I had an encounter of such below…


Hahahaha super awkward I swear. The emcee was right about not looking at the monitor! I shouldn’t have looked. My poker face is so annoying. I could’ve stroke a pose (naks) or looked away. Ay grabe. Nakakaconscious talaga!! I’m really not meant to be in front of the camera. Hah, it’s fine, this was a split second shot anyway. I just managed to print screen continuously. Hahaha.

DSC03536 DSC03538

The commercial breaks were the fun parts too actually. It was always a hilarious time with the gay emcees (I don’t know what you call what they do). They would go interview the audience and make all of us laugh.

*interviews an American guy*

Gay 1: What do you do, sir?

*American guy says something*

Gay 1: Oh, that’s great!

Gay 2: …anong sabi niya?

Gay 1: …’di ko rin alam eh!


I swear I really thought it was Megan Young. I even said, “Tita! It’s Megan Young!” Turned out it was Paolo Ballesteros. He and his amazing make up, as always. Fooled me this time!



The last part of the concert slash show was Vic Sotto’s number with the children’s choir.

I would rate my experience four stars, four because the ending was bitin. Once the song was done, all the lights turned on and everyone just left the stage. It was just like, cut! Yun na yun? But overall, it was such an experience—genuine laughs abound and talents overflow.

Watching live is something I would do over and over again, although another TV show for the next one. If I were given a chance to watch Eat Bulaga again, I think I would give it another few years or so. Seeing celebrities and the things you don’t get to see on the TV monitor is indeed fun. Next show in line… Showtime, maybe?

5 thoughts on “Tao, bagay, hayop?

  1. WEEW NA-TV! haha it sounds so fuuuuun! Bring me wt u next time pls! especially if its showtime!!!! 😀

  2. Hahaha ikaw dapat ang ma-TV mas bagay at mas TV-friendly ang mukha at suot mo :)))

    Haha I think it’s some time this month… I will inquire :p

    Get your test permit from me tomorrow!

  3. Ugh maita!! I’m gonna say my line again.. “YAN KA NANAMAN!!!” hahhaha stop it :))

    You ARE going to showtime?! :O oh emmmm! Remember, I’m always free okay? 😉 hahahhjk but seriously… pls bring me!! lol

    Yes Ma’am 😛

  4. Hi! Paano ka nakakuha ng ticket? O random lang na pumunta kayo sa broadway? Thanks a lot! 🙂 i really want to go and watch eat bulaga! 🙂

  5. Hey! Haha, may kakilala kasi yung tita ko tas nabigyan kami ng ticket, pero siyempre pwedeng manood sa Broadway kahit wala! Pwedeng random yung pagpunta, pero yun nga lang, kailangang pumila nang maaga. Mga 9 am kami nandoon tapos medyo marami nang tao. Kahit may ticket pipila ka pa rin, pero mas madaling makakapasok tsaka may sure seats 🙂

    You should go! Such a fun and interesting experience. Very much worth it! Good vibes all around 🙂 Ang saya siguro manood nang live ngayon dahil sa Aldub! Tsatsagain talaga akong pumila dahil dun, hahaha. Just let me know if you have other questions!

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