When in Incheon: Go for a morning walk

When being a tourist, sometimes, it’s nice to drop all the food tripping and sight seeing and instead go and do some unconventional things, like waking up at sunrise and going out for an early walk around the district, accompanied by cold morning winds.


6:24 am

Our last (whole) day in Korea was spent in Incheon. Taking the bus and subway to and from Seoul for three straight days was very draining, so exploring Incheon for the last day was something I was looking forward to doing. The day started with waking up to the alarm at six and going straight out of the apartment in our sleeping clothes.  Didn’t even think that taking a morning jog would part of the itinerary, but it’s all about not knowing what you’ll end up doing anyway.


Incheon is genuinely beautiful. When Joy’s dad was asking me and my brother whether we preferred Seoul or Incheon, we immediately said the latter. There’s just something about this place. Probably of it being less-crowded, but I really liked the feel of this city. And this morning jog gave me another reason to admire it. The place (or at least the district we were at) was so people-friendly. There are public parks here where you can freely use the equipment to do some exercise, or the swings and slides if you want to channel the inner kid in you. Wow, such a dream to be waking up in a place like this everyday, where everything is right there to suit your needs.



I am using the term “jog” loosely. Well, the plan really was to jog, but for a person like me who lives a very sedentary lifestyle (and it’s not something I’m proud of, honestly), I didn’t expect anything from myself anyway even from the start, haha. I was walking at my own pace, with the occasional stops for some photo ops.


And seeing trees everywhere—that’s a plus point too!


I didn’t expect that apartments in Korea would look like these. I always thought apartments were low and wide houses clustered together. Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to the norm in our country. The ones above would classify as condominiums to me. The first time I saw these type of buildings, I couldn’t believe that these were what they called their apartments.


As we went back the apartment an hour after, this is what greeted us. It isn’t much of an exaggeration when people say that every meal in Korea is a feast.

Forever grateful to Joy’s parents… I miss the Korean kindness and hospitality!



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