Post-USTET Diaries

I took the USTET five days ago. It was a Sunday afternoon. Since I came from Quezon City, I expected to arrive pretty early, or at least, just on time. But that didn’t happen. Around 1:40, we were still stuck in traffic in Dapitan, and the vehicles were not moving at all. I was so scared that I wouldn’t make it on time. All the way from Vicente Cruz, I had no choice but to walk fast all the way to UST with my brother, braving the heat, the fast moving cars, the green stoplight… just to make it on time.

There was this long line outside my testing building. Saved by the bell! But no. It was a line for something else. A long line of parents. If it weren’t for kind parents telling me, I would have wasted my time there standing like an idiot.

I went inside my testing room a minute past two—panting, sweating and catching my breath. Everyone had his or her answer sheets already. I hated getting those stares, but it didn’t really matter because I didn’t know who they were, nor did they know who I was.

It was such a bad start, I told myself.

But thankfully I was able to, somehow, redeem myself through the entrance exam itself.

The first part was Mental Ability, which is supposed to be the easiest part of the test. And guess what? I didn’t finish it. The examiner said, “Close your booklets!” and I just told myself how stupid I was. Common sense questions I couldn’t even answer… I counted what I had to shotgun, and it was exactly 10 items. I think I spent too much time on some numbers, which I really regret. Bad start, bad start, I told myself again.

But Math! Math. M-A-T-H. It was just… wow. And I mean that in the best possible way. This was the time I told myself that USTET is the perfect example of college entrance exams = stock knowledge of high school. It really was. It was, well, you can say, basic math. For me, it was just the right “level” of skill. It wasn’t 1+1=2, but more on solve for x, given a quadrilateral—something like that. I really liked it. The questions seemed like they came out of our quizzes and long tests last school year. This was the only time I told myself in my whole life that math could be easy, haha. I was never good at Math, but I was able to answer. This part of the test gave me so much reassurance. I never felt this during UPCAT.

English was weird. Really weird. My answer from numbers 1-24 was letter A. Are you serious… was all what was in my head during that time. I don’t know if it was me or it was the test, but really, two columns of mine had the same shaded letter and it looked like it was an answer sheet of a person who didn’t take the test seriously. I was so paranoid, but well, maybe, just maybe, I could be right, so I left it as it is. As I got home, I read #USTET on Twitter (this is becoming a habit of mine I swear), people had the same situation. I was laughing. I guess I wasn’t alone again.

I was never really good at Science either… and definitely, it wasn’t as horrid (or even near horrid to begin with) as the one during UPCAT, but I guessed a lot of items as well. Mental Ability aside, I believe Science was the hardest part of the test. What’s the most abundant element in the atmosphere again?

Overall, for me, USTET was not difficult (I refuse to use the word “easy” because entrance exams will never be… easy). Well, through the tweets of people that I read online, some may have to disagree with me. I mean, I only took two, and the other I took was something that has made me (and is still making me) depressed, so I guess it is safe to say to say that this test was okay. A redeeming factor? I think that the test will make one feel good after he or she takes it. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. Or maybe that’s when the test you took before it is UPCAT. Hahaha.

What if I make it here, but in the other, I don’t? Well… maybe, just maybe… more on that soon.

3 thoughts on “Post-USTET Diaries

  1. I’m taking the UST Entrance Exam this January 2016 and I’m nervous for the Mathematics part of the test and after reading your entry, I don’t know how to feel. Any tips on what I should study or how I should study?

    Thank you for your entry hehe 🙂

  2. Don’t worry about that part, swear! If I were you, I’d focus more on Science, haha. I’m not good at Math at all, but then even I was surprised that I was able to answer the items during the test. It would be best to brush up on the basics, then you’ll be good! Assuming the test is still similar, I’d suggest for you to focus on basic Geometry and Algebra questions. Been quite a while, but that’s what I remember. I also remember quite a number of ‘solve for x’ problems (algebraic problems, area/perimeter). Keri ‘yan 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Hello, I didn’t pass my mental ability test but I qualified in all my math, science and english is there any chance that I would be reconsidered in my preferred program which is nursing?

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