Dear Diary: Week 34

*personal-personal blog post, because sadly, there is no more time to write on a diary*

Weird and unbelievable things happened last week.

Camera 360

Last Friday, we had dinner at a sushi buffet place. Along with us were three sisters/nuns. I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice in my posts that my grandparents have a lot of friends who happen to be sisters. One of them celebrated her birthday.

One of them was Sr. Francis who is based in Taiwan. I’m not sure if she’s in the country to visit or has been staying here for quite some time already. It was the first time I met her. Knowing she was from Taiwan, I asked her if she knew Chinese. She said yes, and she asked me something in Chinese. Fortunately, I answered her question correctly! The question is no big deal (what is your name?) but answering it right felt like an achievement, although I didn’t answer in Chinese… so I failed! Again. She asked me another question and this time, I got it wrong. She said, “Ni zhu zai nali?” and I thought it was something like where are you or where are you going, because I heard zhu as chu. And I know my logic is flawed by inferring that, because it made no sense at all.

I’m weird. I never bother learning phrases. Ever. Lesson learned.

Camera 360

Camera 360

I also remember having dinner at a restaurant somewhere in Ermita some years back with two nuns as well, but I wasn’t too sure if they were the same nuns I was with during this dinner.

“I think I remember you! You were the ones we had dinner with before in that restaurant,” one of the nuns told me.

“Diba sumakit pa nga tiyan mo ‘nun?” the other said.

“Haha, opo, ako nga ho ‘yon!” I replied.

So it turned out they were the same ones I had dinner with a few years ago!

I still clearly remember my stomach hurt so bad that time I couldn’t even eat, even if the dessert that time was mango sago. Nothing made my upset stomach feel better, and it was so embarrassing because I kept on having to excuse myself from the table to go to the bathroom. When the sisters found out about how I was feeling, they were sweet and thoughtful enough to give me an ointment to wipe on my abdomen. I still remember my tita telling me how fascinating it is to know that the nuns “believe” in the power (power?) of the ointment.

I never forgot that day, for some reason, because I always had that ointment inside my wallet.

Since the sisters brought the topic up, I opened my wallet and showed to them the ointment they had given me two years ago.

Camera 360

I still had it with me!

I found the happening to be so cool and quite unbelievable.

When I went home and turned the wifi on of my phone, it notified me of my unread messages on WeChat.

One of them was Victor who sent me his location (WeChat is cool for having that feature!) and the name of the airport of Vancouver was written.

I was like, “No way?!?!”

So I messaged him back. Months have passed since we last talked, and thanks to WeChat, my friendships with my Chinese buddies are slowly coming back to life again. No seriously… haha. It’s a good and bad thing, really.

So we chatted and I found out that he had just landed all the way from Asia and he would be in Canada to take up his masters! I was very amused and happy for him. We haven’t talked for so long and so many things have happened already.

Well, I felt really happy for him because among all my online friends, he’s one of the very few I can say I really am close to. Even my friends in real life know of him.

Great adventures are ahead of him and I wish him all the best!


Two days ago, a contact offline messaged me on QQ and said that I have been offline on Skype for so long. I actually forgot about Skype already (hahahaha) so I logged-in again. I’ve abandoned my account a long time ago. One of my Skype contacts messaged me that very evening even if I was invisible. Skype doesn’t have offline messages so him messaging me was something  I guess he did by chance. Pretty much a coincidence that I logged-in that time he messaged me.

Well, turns out he was in the Philippines a few days ago! (Was because he already left. Sigh.)

Again, I was beyond amazed. I couldn’t believe it!! A language buddy, a thousand miles away, now within the archipelago?

His story was so cool because he had no itinerary at all. He went to Manila and as he was in a bus stop, he met Americans and asked them where they were off to. They told him a particular town east of Luzon, and well, he decided to go to that same place too, although they went their separate ways. He was also telling me how his trip was so unfortunate to have fallen on the week of typhoon Maring, and he kept on repeating the words are you serious… when we were talking. He was telling me how he was swimming (exag? maybe wading?) through the flooded waters in Malate. He also told me that he didn’t get what the jeepneys do in the city. How must I explain… lol.

Well, I had to cut our chat short because I needed to go sleep already since I needed to get up very early the next day. It was a pity we weren’t able to meet since I could’ve crossed meet language buddy slash online friend out of my bucket list! An opportunity lost… again.


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Week 34

  1. Haha yeah! When he told me he was in Vancouver, I actually remembered you :)) He’ll be studying in Quebec though… Vancouver was just his landing place! Soon enough I guess he’ll be able to speak French as well haha

  2. Omg Quebec no way! 😛 haha yaa he’ll probably be way more fluent than me in french cuz ur really forced to speak it there 😉

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