It’s a brand new day. It’s eight in the morning and I woke up to my alarm at 6:47 to continue doing school projects that are due by the end of the week. In around four hours, I will be heading to my classmate’s house deep down south for a class meeting. Today’s a national holiday and I see it as an opportunity to catch up on working on school duties.

As I figure out how to use an editing software I am so unfamiliar of, I can feel the stress and pressure on me as the deadline is two days from now. I know nothing about this program I am using, and videos and tutorials won’t even help me. I am not even halfway and I still have other projects undone and homework untouched.

I think my problem is so big and the helpless me doesn’t know what solution there is, and I whisper to myself that I would rather die than do this project that has eaten so much of my sleep and time. And I feel so selfish for thinking and doing so. When I look out of the window, or even if I don’t, just by the sound of the strong rains splattering on the ground outside, it pains me that my country has to go through something like this. My problems are nothing compared to what others have to go through. I feel so selfish that I am inside this room. I feel so selfish that there are pails inside our house catching drops of water from the leaking roof, while others have already lost their homes and lives to the floods.

The situation has been like this for the past five days and I really don’t know what tomorrow what would bring. It hurts me that I am safe knowing there are people who need and deserve more.


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