Travel Tales: Baguio

Snippets of our Baguio trip!

The camera that I have been using since forever is nearing its postmortem state and I was so disappointed that it wouldn’t function properly during the trip. 😦 The switch from pic to vid wouldn’t work almost everytime, so I couldn’t take a video of the more interesting things. Videos > pictures, at least for trips such as this. I could have videoed the horses with neon pink hair.

Baguio isn’t meant for just two or three days… but with the coldness there, you’d be itching to take a bus back to Metro Manila… joke. Not at all. It was a nice feeling to be back in a place where quite a lot of childhood summer days were spent in. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful (long) weekend because it was spent with my cousins who come from the West Coast, my bro, my travel buddy this year aka Joy, and a bunch of fun relatives. And five hours on bus to and from the city is the shortest I’ve ever had!


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