Pre-UPCAT Diaries


Today is UPCAT day! Good luck to those who want to be ‘iskolars’! Sana pumasa kayo!

August 6, 2010.

Three years ago.

When I tweeted the one above way back freshmen year, I don’t even think it came across my mind during that very moment that one day, that day would come for it to already be my turn.

And that day is already today. In three hours I’ll be taking a test that will either make or break my dreams… what a feeling.

I really don’t feel I’m ready, and I think now’s the best time to say my line — nobody knows how I feel. I’ve done my part in these years of high school, I’ve done what I can these past few months, but I feel it still isn’t enough… I wish I had done more, but I made the wrong choice of doing senior year stuff first before anything else.

I absolutely have no idea what to expect… I don’t even know what kind of questions they’ll be asking, and I don’t even know if I can answer them. But I’ll try. Try and try and try and try and try and try and try my very best.

This is it. Lord, help all of us.

“I’ll be hearing cries on Monday,” one of my teachers said.

Wow ok, thanks, sir. Hahaha.


3 thoughts on “Pre-UPCAT Diaries

  1. WHATTT??????????? You need to get a plane ticket right over here immediately! :)) Kwento pare!!!

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