Carabao Festival

Exactly two months ago, I was able to witness one of the most-awaited celebrations up north—the carabao festival!



Held in the municipality of Pulilan in Bulacan, locals and tourists alike flocked to the place to see an endless parade of carabaos, some even having kneeled. So cool how they immediately knelt as the people shouted, “Luhod!”. The festival is held to pay tribute to San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers.

DSC01951 DSC01952

Marching bands that hailed from different schools and islands of the country were present as well. The heat was really unbearable and I really felt bad for the people even having to lug around and blow heavy instruments along a two-kilometer route—the lead who was around my age even barfed. The camera even showed a thermometer symbol on its viewfinder that stated warning. Really, it was that hot.


I was originally planning to make a vlog for this event but I have no idea where all the vids are… switched from pic to vid endlessly for nothing.


Festivals aren’t complete without the presence of known personalities! That’s Valerie Concepcion right there, and she was so bubbly and friendly.


Snapshots of Jollibee! Shows how people are very shallow, and I mean that in the best possible way.


It’s not clearly seen on the picture at all but the guy to the left of the dudes wearing pink is… Gerald Anderson! His mobile was moving too fast and I only remember seeing this view in between two blinks.

If I saw them all, the total number of celebrities was three. There was one actress (whose name shall not be mentioned) who was just a disappointment. I don’t mean to call other people’s presence (or for anyone for that matter) disappointing but even from afar you could see that her gestures were so fake, and her smile wasn’t even half-meant. I actually didn’t recognize her until she was like three feet away. So sad, she’s even considered a role model by people my age. I just hope she was just having a bad hair day.


So funny how my lolo counted how many carabaos and cows were included in the parade. I heard carabaos are endangered species, and I actually didn’t realize that until that day. They’re a national symbol and I hope they don’t go extinct.

I haven’t attended a lot of festivals and something I only remember watching at least twice in my life is this. Witnessing festivals where they splash you with cold water (like the one in San Juan, I think) or where people touch each other with paint on their hands sounds like a big deal of fun.


3 thoughts on “Carabao Festival

  1. Hahaha yes definitely! Party tayo pagkatapos ng mga entrance exams :)) ‘Di ko pa nga nabibigay yung mga pasalubong sa’yo! Kailangan ko pang mag-eroplano para makapunta diyan eh. Haha

  2. Uy! Can you take a plane ride and be here by Saturday? :)) I need some help desperately with my applications. Well, hinidi naman ganun ka desperado, medyo lang. Hahahaha. Na round up ko choices ko ng 3 nalang, hindi na 6. Hahaha.

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