My bags are ready, but I am not

Sad to say that summer is finally over. It still hasn’t hit me that I’ll be waking up to my alarm very early tomorrow not because of review classes or having to catch an early flight… although I wish it was like that.

So many different things and new experiences happened these past three months of summer and I can never be more grateful for all of them, some memorable I remember everyday or some so shallow I don’t know why I make a big deal of. And some really life-changing.

This summer was amazing. I was able to meet a new friend, have the opportunity to go around my country — near or far the destination may be, have picnics at the park, witness a carabao festival, commute to Divisoria, be spoken to in Chinese by a stranger, be hosted abroad by the most hospitable family there is, receive a postcard from one of my best friends in the States, have one of my best friends stay at our house for days, see a purple sunset, give and receive handwritten letters from strangers around the world, learn a new language, go to sleepovers here and there, visit one of my best friends’ homeland, throw up lanterns up the sky, go to another country without parental supervision, finally decide on what I wanted to major in…

So many beautiful memories. But the optimistic person in me says to create new ones. In the next ten months. New subjects, new busmates, new teachers, new schedules, new classmates… the last set I’ll ever be with.

My bags and uniform are ready, but I am not. I still feel I’m on vacation mode, and I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I hate to be back, but… life.


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