Day 158


Making life decisions over coffee on a Friday morning… hmm.


Spent a few hours with the person I remember being with… 2606.60 km away. The next time we saw each other again we were back in our old selves. Felt so weird. It was very depressing… hahaha.


Helped with some translation for her mission work tomorrow, talked about whatever our brain told us to blurt out, planned impossible trips (indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines!!), reminisced about past happenings (read: two weeks ago), lifted our hopes to God, had a budget meal of pasta and salad and Pepsi at the restaurant diagonal the cafe…


We still have no idea. No, actually, I’m the only one with the big problem. Someone be my life coach please… I am still so lost. 😦 Waah, and I say it again… nobody knows how I feel.


I didn’t know Joy also considered taking up Tourism, but according to her, after touring us around in her homeland… a big no no for her. But I think she was joking about the whole major thing.  Lol. Sorry for sort of meddling with your life plans.


Remnants of happyland. 🙂

Four more days, can’t wait!!


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