This is it


Three years (and counting) of life spent in high school,


A year ’til I can finally use that been there, done that expression,


Seven days before the deadliest deadline,


Hands shaking when writing,


Endlessly glancing and skimming through the endless lists of the holy brochure of my dream uni,


Life decision making, contemplating, deliberating, thinking,


Still having no idea of what I want for the next four years of my life.

What am I even doing.

3 thoughts on “This is it

  1. So happy you got too!!! Hahahaha yeah I shouldn’t be stressing myself anyway, there’s still time to review and all, lol :p I’m actually worrying about what choices to write on the application form. I am still so lost. The whole entrance exam thing is scary itself… but choosing the programs is scarier :(( Hahaha thanks Anna! When you’ve already decided, message me what you wrote!

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