Music Monday | Love Blossom

K.will《Love Blossom 러브블러썸》

Good vibes music! Been quite a while since I’ve placed something like this on here so… this song’s currently stuck on replay.

6 thoughts on “Music Monday | Love Blossom

  1. Maiiiitttaa the assistant guy there in the music vid is “L” or “Myungsoo” from Infinite ^^ isnt the person operating the spinning ride Taemin?? cuuutte vid!! ^ o ^ i luv the song too~~ i’ll get it

  2. Haha the day I watched the MV, I even googled to know the guy’s name! He’s pretty cute hahaha ^^ I didn’t know he was from Infinite!

    K.will actually looks exactly like Daesung hahahaha it’s so funny :))))

  3. Really K.will looks like Daesung? haha i’ll look up both of em rite now > < And yaaa that's Infinite's "L" in the mv. He's got the looks but actually acts a bit reserved in real life, tho he also has those cute, funny moments like most kpop boy idols too :p

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