Hello from Incheon

12:06 am local time, May 21. Hi from Incheon!

Wow, I don’t even know how and where to start… it’s only been day one and all I can say is that it’s been such an amazing trip. Arrived at the airport at 5 am and saw Joy and her dad there. It is just too cold outside… I think it’s around 12 to 16 degrees? Good thing I didn’t listen to Joy telling me to just bring normal clothes. Hahahaha. Well, according to her it’s been hot the past few weeks and it just so happened it started to rain, so unlucky for us. From Incheon we took the bus to Seoul, to Gangnam station (it’s like Divisoria style!), and off we went to Lotte World. I saw people from school there and it felt so unreal. Joy’s family is awesome and her apartment is like a dollhouse I’m not even joking. Aaaaaaah can’t believe how any of this is real!!

The sockets here are different so I have no idea how to charge this netbook that has 33% remaining battery capacity. I still feel like writing more but I think writing about bits and pieces of the trip is better. And Joy is telling me to sleep right now so… I shall cut the post here.

DSC02358 DSC02389 DSC02407


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