Things have been really cray lately. I never use that word and imagining myself saying that sounds funny, so yeah… haha.

Anyway, it’s a few minutes to 9 pm and I’m supposed to catch on some sleep right now. In five hours, we’ll be at terminal 3 for our red eye flight to Cebu. Not exactly a “summer getaway” or whatever you call it but we’ll be going there to attend our cousin’s wedding (her fiance’s family comes from Cebu so that’s why it’ll be held there). The wedding will be held at a church while the reception in a nearby beach, which from what I know is a boat ride away. It’s pretty exciting since I don’t even remember the last time I attended a wedding (I think I was in grade six?) and an outdoor thing by the sun and sand sounds fun.

The attire requirement isn’t anything fancy either, and I mean that in the best possible way. A floral dress that you would wear to a restaurant and strappy sandals/wedges are good enough. And I honestly don’t like the feeling of wearing glittery gowns and having all that gritty make-up on my face, so a million things less to worry about. I’m also happy since there is an opportunity to visit Cebu again, a really beautiful place down south. I never thought I would be going there again (or at least, not anytime soon), having visited the place in January. I really do feel I don’t deserve another trip there because I was just there and would like to give chance to other people… but who am I to complain?

And the day we arrive from Cebu is the day we depart to Korea. CRAAAAAY!! Now that’s the crazy thing of it all. We arrive at the evening and depart at midnight. On the very same day. Different airports, different airlines. I don’t even know if there will be time to go back home to get my luggage and to freshen up a bit. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck at the airport the whole time. And the worst thing possible that could happen is the flight being delayed. Just imagining the whole scenario is killing me… but why make a problem out of something that doesn’t even exist? (Haha… yeah, that was kind of hypocritical for me to say that. Well, lesson learned today) I don’t know how things will go and turn out to be and I have mixed feelings about all this. And the thing that gives me the mixed feelings: knowing how I have to figure out everything on my own. I mean, I have my brother with me, but flying miles and miles away in this situation is definitely a first for me. The funny thing is that I’m absolutely no expert in travel things (the ignorant me still scratches her head at times), and having to depend on and follow no one but myself… give me that scary and liberating feeling. And possibly, become an experience so life-changing, that is.

But, as the cool kids say, yolo. With a hashtag like icing on the cake.

I asked Him for a trip, He gave me two.

Grateful. Thankful. What an adventure. So help me God.


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