Vlog: Enchanted Kingdom

[vimeo 65881779 w=600]

Every time I create a vlog I have the urge to make another…

Here’s a video compilation of our trip to E.K. way back second year year! Long, long time ago. Brings back good memories with the sophomore peeps on our last day of school, right after that Chem exam, I still remember. Funny how I still have these saved on this computer when I never even touched them after. Being the sentimental person I am, I hate having to delete/throw away things, especially if they pertain to memories (wow, how cheesy, but true). I’ve been practical lately, having deleted around 300+ photos to let this turtle netbook breathe a little more, and pretended to have that I don’t care attitude as I emptied the recycle bin. So here, 326 mb of videos to a 53.8 mb one and a half minute video diary.

BGM is OK by B1A4. Just through endless clicking of related videos on Youtube… tada, background music! I actually don’t know how the actual song sounds like. Haha.

Watching the video again and what can I say… gewdtimes!


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