Monopoly Mayhem

Played Monopoly at Anna’s house during our summer slumber the other day!  It’s been years since I last played and I hardly remember the do’s and don’ts of this boardgame, so no wonder I barely had any properties and led into bankruptcy in our two games. And when I had my first house on Virginia Avenue it was like sentimental value for me.

Mariah kept on buying every property she came across or when she won the bid… we were like, “Why?” but turned out it was a good strategy actually. Now I know what to do during the next time we play. She had around four hotels!! Or was that five? Well, even if one of them was on Baltic Ave., a hotel’s still a hotel!

And Tim had houses. On that dark blue property adjacent to Go. We feared every time we’d land on Chance that we might pick up the Advance Token to Boardwalk card. Oh the horror.

Now I know the goals to be achieved in a game of Monopoly: get all four railroads, get at least one of the utilities, and buy what and while you can. Turn your play money into houses.

Tim won in our games! I regret how I let my Monopoly set just collect dust on my shelves all this time. Can’t believe I’m saying this but… being low-tech is awesome.

Woo! I know what to bring to our next picnic! Boardgame marathon, let’s.


Let not our faces deceive thee. We look super serious above maybe because we were treating it like the real thing in the real world (haha, jk) but I hope the vlog below shows the opposite. Super fun game I can’t even.

[vimeo 65787522 w=600]

BGM is Love Song by Bigbang for Mariah’s sake. Couldn’t play C-pop when she was here so this is all what we played. Hahahaha.


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