And that’s a wrap

So after 15 days (or half a month) of drowning ourselves in lectures and mock tests in this season of summer… it’s finally over!

A typical day was waking up to my alarm at six, doing some carpooling, going around the corridors endlessly, and being stuck in this classroom composed of super smart people I am not even worthy of being with. I always had a mental countdown before the last day, and now, I can’t believe how these days are already gone.

Having a fixed schedule that was never announced to us, there was always that feeling of suspense of what subject would come next. And we were always hoping it was any of the chill subjects (anything that includes numbers and formulas does not count).


To the days of taking pictures of the blackboard instead of writing down our notes, because it is supposedly the “in” thing now,


trying (not) to sleep with our eyes open during lectures, and that class where our teacher would randomly call us with our last names to say the answer, and you tell yourself, good thing I was listening,


the picnic afternoon with the girls, which would not have happened if it weren’t for the review classes,


the hangman games we had minutes before the first class started,


the unplanned color-coded days and same styles they had where my classmates would accuse them of planning their outifts together, like when Raya was wearing a leopard-printed shirt, Justin said, “So si Anna naka-puma?”,


this carpool trio every single day to and from,


stuffing our brains with theorems and things we absolutely did not take up in our classes in the past school year,


the person who brought her mom’s hearty dishes (woohoo sirloin!) to the house and who I had quite a lot of adventures with within the vicinity of this humble abode,


my worksheets heavily marked with red ink stains, and that feeling of success if I get a check mark,


having an excuse to go out with this group,


the people I labelled as my classmates for fifteen days, who supposedly make up the ~*fast-paced class*~ (why in the world was I placed here when I failed all my mock post tests…),


them dragging me to go out during breaks in the midst of me and my excuses (ang init eh! tinatamad ako! wait nangongopya ako!! haha),


the girls of my class, who made me realize that not only am I short, I am a midget among them… indeed, the world is cruel,


and to the many friends we made and the hi’s we exchanged through this… I will miss.

I learned so much and I was able to refresh my brain with lessons we took up way back. Reviewing on your own is possible but learning with others who will all go through the same thing of taking entrance exams is fun, as well as sharing with them that mind-boggling feeling when solving our worksheets with no calculators. Sure I dreaded waking up early on a day of summer and being cooped up in that building I am in for ten months a year, but I’m glad I attended the review classes. I was able to meet a number of nice people in my batch and had the chance to talk again to friends from grade school who I had drifted apart from. Knowing I did something productive this summer (because wasting my summer doing stupid things is my complaint all the time), I have no regrets 🙂

We also had a taste of how college would be like! No uniforms, more than ten but less than twenty people per class, short school days, have-discussion-and-take-test-right-after kind of thing. It’s pretty exciting, actually.

I think I made everything above sound so emotional but I guess knowing it’s over is not something to be sad about, but maybe one day, as I review for the entrance exams using all my handouts and reviewers and browse through my review classes pictures, I will tell myself, “Wow, it was actually fun.”


6 thoughts on “And that’s a wrap

  1. /jealous. Would’ve liked to review in school, Ahead kinda scares me a little, hahah.

  2. Hahaha it was fun… the teachers were cool too :)) At least na-experience namin yung mga hindi namin naging/magiging guro :))

    Oo nga pala! How has it been? 😀

  3. 😦 wish I went there. I have learned to love my AJ nerds, though.

    as for review… eh. I don’t like the atmosphere so far (but y`know, I’ve been to ONE class. Orientation day. and I was half-asleep because due to a supposed stargazing that turned into cloudgazing the previous night, I didn’t sleep at all). I should give it a chance, but I just really have a weird feeling when I’m there.

  4. I think it’s supposed to be more fun in AHEAD… well, ako lang yun :)) And a more learning-friendly environment. Bet tayo give it a week and you’re enjoying it :)))))

  5. Supposedly! Most people are there, kaso since my reviews are Saturdays only (which not many people went for), there’s only Pio in my class. A week for me is just one meeting, so I don’t know about the week thing hahahah.

    Well, tama kasi yung mga teachers namin dito sa AJ–iba na pag hindi na mga fellow nerd daw yung kaharap HAHAH.

    we have diagnostic test Saturday eh. I don’t have time to study, sobrang busy dito omg pasang-awa lang ako sa Physics mag-aaral pa ko. =)))

  6. That’s what I call a productive summer! Hahahahaha enjoyin mo lahat n’yan. Experience lahat n’yan :))))))) Tsaka, as what they said, all will pay off in the end 🙂 Haha aral lang, always note the Pareto principle. Lol what :))))))))))

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