Life Last Week

Review classes aside, life last week (well, actually, in the past two weeks) was composed of milk tea, picnics, post-its, nail polish, and good times with friends nearby (a.k.a. neighbors)!

Two Mondays ago, Mariah and I headed to the barber shop (it’s a barber shop and a salon but it’s not usually referred to using the latter) and had our nails done. It was her first day here so I thought it was something fun to do.

DSC01659 DSC01661 DSC01667

Mariah is so funny that she actually made Ate Luisa (the one who did her nails) let her daughters come to the shop. They were chit-chatting about random things and she pleaded that she wanted to see them. Hahaha. We all fall under the same age group so I couldn’t resist of not getting a picture of all of us!

Sarah will be going to college soon so a replacement for the cashier is still being looked for… I’m actually considering to be one just for a summer job, and well, to get some pocket money for upcoming trips. I have been a hassle to so many people (my parents included) so I guess knowing that I worked for a bit of the bread to be spent in my travels would lessen the guilty feeling. But I don’t know, I’m torn between that and studying for the entrance exams during the remaining days of break! Not-so fun fact: I used to have that summer job as a cashier when I was in… grade three. Long, long time ago. Hahahaha.

Tuesday was yet another picnic at the park! Finally, Mariah was able to meet Nitch and Yomi! We’ve always been looking forward to this gathering. Friends of friends getting along is just one of the greatest things ever. Happy, happy day.


Since the picnic setting of red-checkered cloth and colorful plates is a bit of an eyesore already, here are pictures of the “new friends” each in a single frame instead:

DSC01675 DSC01676 The people in pants go together, as well as the ones in shorts. :p Hahahaha.

And Wednesday afternoon was spent at Bon Appetea sipping milk tea, chewing on tapioca balls, doodling on post-its, and the long list just goes on! Now we’ve added Lanz to the bunch. He found it weird that he was the only guy but we sort of convinced him to say yes to go along with us.

DSC01770 DSC01765 The new friends, DSC01766 the village people, DSC01768 and the gals 🙂 DSC01780

Our time was mostly spent on video chatting on Omegle too. We came across rude people but there were decent people too (like us, lol, jk). We would become total idiots too at some point but overall we were nice people! One was a guy a year younger than us from Ireland who had the common interest with Nitch of tennis, and another was this dude from Hawaii who we asked to guess where we come from. “I’m really bad at this… Thailand?” he said.

Now that half of summer has passed by, I can say that this has been a really great one, probably even the best one so far. I told Nitch that day, “Nitch, this summer’s been so amazing!” she agreed with me and knew what I was saying between the lines. It’s always been a dream (yes, dream) for both of us to get to know people in our village. We always thought our “pair” would never turn into a group, but… it took us, what, nine years? Haha. I hope our circle would grow bigger, and I look forward to that day my friends from school become friends with them as well. If only my friends spending their vacations abroad magically be transported here on our picnic days and movie nights.

My fear all along? Awkwardness springing among them. Why not when they never knew the people they were with existed until that day? But I was proved otherwise 🙂


5 thoughts on “Life Last Week

  1. Hahaha standout nga siya kahit naglalakad kami sa labas (haha Raya peace)! Model :)))

    Ikr Mika!! Nanghihinayang ako… dapat kasama ka :(( Sobrang saya nun… don’t worry yung picnics and hangouts pwede naman gawin kahit kailan lagi naman kaming mga kapitbahay pwede :)) Kasama ka na dun ah :))) Kung saan-saan ka kasi pumupunta ayan tuloy! Uwi ka na… it’s more fun in the Philippines hahahahahha

  2. Hahahha okay natawa talaga ko sa “it’s more fun in the philippines” :))) but its so trueee! Mamamatay na ko sa ingit… Pati sila Joyce iniingit ako huhuhuhu. Tapos nag post pa si Tim ng pic ng sleepover niyo! :((((( naiinis na talaga ko bakit last summer di ako umalis wala namang nangyari sa bahay Lang ako… Bwisit haha anywayy have fun there :/ :))

  3. Wow you’re awake! Tsk tsk nagpupuyat (yata) :))

    Hahaha excuse me hindi mo ba naaalala… nasa Pueblo tayo nung nakaraan :))) Mean :)) Haha ah yun… haha wala ‘yon last day kasi ng review classes :))

    Haha why are you complaining! You’re spending your summer in another country with cold weather, you were able to see your relatives, go shopping, have purple locks, and visit that amazing park… ibang tao pangarap lang makabiyahe :)) Look whose summer’s fun then :)) And you don’t get to feel the heat here! Be happy :))

  4. No I really sleep late, Not tonight though I have to sleep early cos were going to Hawaii tomorrow woohoo! haha. well I didn’t say that I wasn’t having fun here, I am! Naiingit Lang talaga ko sa inyo haha. Hindi ko tuloy na experience mag review classes with u guys and ma meet and picnic with ur neighbors! Huhu lol. Okayy bye I’m gonna sleep now 🙂 Skype soon!

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