Day 122



A Bollywood movie-watching, grainy webcam-snapping, pancake-chichirya-nomming, life goal-realizing kind of day.

Sad, sad feeling to part.

Let’s all bump into each other at the mall or train station one day!

Aal izz well.


7 thoughts on “Day 122

  1. Maita! I bought it at ruins!!! Hahaha, and we my mom and I watched it immediately after. She liked it!!! :)) Aal izz well. Wow, I can’t believe I even used that. LOL

  2. Nitch!! Long time no talk (seriously)! Were you busy or something? I was thinking you were at Infanta or… haha. Haha I literally smiled as I read your comment :))) So glad she liked it! Panoorin natin ulit? Ako, game! :))

  3. Game!!! Hahaha, I know, I’ve been really busy lately. Hopefully this week it’ll all cool down. I’m sooo game to watch it again!!! These passed few days I’m going LSS with “All is well.” Oh ehm. =)))) Heard you laugh from your house btw. =)))

  4. I’ve been wanting to bike… haaay game ka? And I have a frisbee disc here!! Hahaha funny for me to say but I need to exercise… I’ll tell you about it when we see each other :))))))

  5. Hahahaha, I haven’t done frisbee for a long time! I’m also game to do that. I want to bike too, but do you have an air pump? ‘Cause we don’t have one eh. Hahaha. Frisbee at the park! :))) Bolples!

  6. Remind me to give you a call tomorrow… hahahaha and that is by you calling me up :))) Hashtag anoraw… anyway yeah you get the point! Hahaha

  7. Grabe, nakita ko lang ‘to ngayon. Hashtag i’m such a slow poke. =)) I haven’t used that term in like sooo many years. Ilang taon kaya ‘yon, Nitch? :))) And with that, I will not answer that question. :))

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