Travel Outfit Planning

During this very hot and humid summer evening, my boredom and curiosity led me to mix and match different pieces of clothing on Polyvore, which gave me an idea of what to wear to a place where the usual temperature would range from 17 to 21 degrees Celsius.

In other words, in a few weeks, my bro and I would be heading to that peninsula way up north… to the land of Joy, in South Korea! Well, that’s only if the current situation clears up, but I’ve been praying that hopefully things would become better. My hopes are set on high ground. (Well, Joy, if you’re reading this… twenty days!!)

So my excitement led me to writing this post and creating outfits, but any of this would not happen if it weren’t for Anna, who wrote a super adorable fashion guide written especially for our trip! Hopefully the clothes I plan to wear fall under all the tips written and would give justice to the words of wisdom of who else but Anna… haha, thank you for the nth time!

Coming from a tropical country, I haven’t the faintest idea of what a cold country’s weather and temperature are really like, but knowing our trip falls in between spring and summer there makes me feel like wearing not-so thick sweaters and Chucks. I’ve always been a loose-shirt-and-faded-skinny-jeans type of girl, who’s fine with everyday outfits that scream simplicity and decency, so I don’t really expect much from myself when it comes to dressing up, haha. :p But I’ve come up with outfits that consist of clothes I would actually wear!


I love how versatile a pair of Chucks is, especially white ones. We’ll be doing a lot of walking so I guess wearing rubber shoes would be good since I don’t wear flats (because I’m short, but aren’t rubber shoes “flat” too? haha yeah go excuses). I plan to use a rucksack too throughout the trip. I could wear this combination when we go ride rollercoasters at LotteWorld, maybe!

Denim + Floral

The dress’ pattern is not exactly what I plan to wear but anything floral is fine. And I love denim jackets! I have yet to find a pair of combat boots (with hidden platform wedges, haha, jk). This is probably okay for shopping and nomming on street food, or for exploring the streets of the capital.

Sweater Fever

And… sweaters! I don’t even own stuff like that, but I think that it’ll be the most comfortable piece of clothing for me. The shorts + leggings combo is something I’d like to try too since it looks so comfy to walk around in, but… yeah, my friends probably get what I’m trying to say. Hahahaha.

Hopefully these ideas would turn into actual outfits of mine! They’re not the most fashionable and stylish stuff but I’m fine with clothes that are comfy enough to shop and go around with. I guess that’s what one must be after all anyway.

And tomorrow, we’re off to an adventure in the streets of Manila… once we get down the station of Recto, we’ll be scouring the endless stalls and sidewalks for cheap and affordable pieces. Go figure!


2 thoughts on “Travel Outfit Planning

  1. Sabi nga sa radyo, “Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan?” Hahahaha :))) Meganon?

    Uy bukas! Text me! 😀

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