Some chit-chats with different folks in the past week or so…

At review classes, during break time…

Tim: Hey, how come you never go out? (referring to hanging out with them trio in the corridors)
Maita: Ehh… ang init eh!
Tim: Ang lamig mo!

Hahahaha. Corny, pun-ny, but… yeah.

At Bon Appetea with the ~*friends for life*~ group (inside joke!), talking/reading about One Direction…

Maita: Si knee-yahl?
Them: Na-yahl!
Maita: Aah ganun ba? Hahaha okay halatang ‘di alam.

HAHAHAHA. ‘Sensya na friends, I know their names, but I never heard a video where their names were actually mentioned and pronounced. Lolol.

Inside the car with the carpool trio (me, Raya and Lanz) with my dad driving, going home from review classes; talks about something related to parents + ages…

Raya: How old is your dad? 49, 48, 47, 46, 45…
Raya: 46? 😀
Dad:  Hahaha! Okay ka ha! Sige sabay ka ulit bukas ah!
Lanz: 45? 😀
Dad: Hahatid ko pa kayo sa bahay niyo!

Huwawz, okay kayo mangbola ah…

At Bon Appetea, with everyone doodling on post-its…

*Lanz hands a post-it to Mariah*
Us: Hahaha uy ano ‘yan ha!
*Mariah tries to read*
Mariah: P…a.. pang…

(you may conclude the scene with your own ending, with supporting details and sound effects)

Lol. Gewdtimes. Week 16, make it happen again.


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