Pattaya Photo Diary

Here is a photo dump of our trip to Pattaya! Probably the last one among all my Thailand posts, but hopefully not the first (and last) trip to the place.


Pattaya Floating Market. Food stalls, cheap trinkets, souvenir shops, random shows… fun place.


I miss them 😦


Our first lunch was at a no-name food place across Jomtien beach… chicken feet, spicy stuff, sticky rice. Simple place right smack at a commercial bank, and it was lovely.

DSC06407 DSC06412

If it isn’t Thai you see, it would most likely be Russian letters. I think I saw more Russian than English on the streets!


Grilled squid that looked like starfish!


I saw Jack Sparrow in Thailand. Hahahaha.


Buddha Mountain at Khao Kee Chan. Beautiful piece of landmark—definitely a must-see.


Big C grocery. It was here I got jean capris for 120 baht, which I still wear even up to this very day. I love a great steal!


I had cha yen everyday! Something I love about Thailand is that things aren’t expensive. The price of food is quite the same with what we have here.


And that food there is amazing.

Mango ice cream with sticky rice at Dairy Queen!! Suman version for the Philippines! (Eh, I don’t look like this anymore… haha.)


Tea during a Thai massage. Had a great encounter with the locals despite the language barrier. I have nothing bad to say about Thai people. They are so friendly.


If we say para po as we get down of the jeep, Pattaya has a buzzer you simply press when you have to get off at your destination. I find it more efficient actually, but I also like the fact of getting to exchange a word or two with the driver!

DSC06637 DSC06638

Tourists, tourists, tourists everywhere. Envy for my beloved homeland. That is my dream.


McDo, Thai version! My goal is to check out the menu at McDonald’s of a place I am in. Clockwise from right: chicken (they don’t serve rice!), wasabi dip (it was so good that we brought home some, haha), this default size tall cup of milk tea (yeaaah, naicha at Mcdo!), fries, and a cheeseburger. The chicken was different, like it had a lot of spices. Well, I don’t know if it’s just me, but McDonald’s in Thailand is really expensive. It’s like tourist rate. But anyway, I love their menu!


Thai keyboard!


CentralFestival Mall. It definitely gave me that TriNoma feel! Awesome mall(s).


Palm trees and blue-and-yellow cabs opposite the beach on the busy streets of Chonburi. Imagine the sight of a beach right at your peripheral as you reach your destination everyday, maybe on the way to the grocery or to your school. Ideal place.

DSC06659 DSC06670 DSC06677

A whole shelf of Korean noms. During this time was days after the very first day I learned the Korean alphabet (thanks to Josip), so imagine the excitement seeing all this as we tried to read the things I took some snapshots of.


Doing some grocery at Central.


If I remember correctly, this was a pandan-flavored popsicle!DSC06691

European flags only? Racist! Haha, I kid… Thailand is probably the last in my list.


Looking back, it’s seriously funny how I would… emote. And express myself. Hahaha.


Last supper in Thailand, at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Got the puppy-print bag at Chatuchak, which I use as my school bag during review classes.


Instant noodles and milk tea at the airplane. Total of all this was P90. 400% mark up, tsk… lol.


5:07 am. Hallo Pilipinas!


I don’t know how many times I have said this whether virtually or in real life, but Thailand is such an amazing place. Maybe one is because of the many things I wouldn’t have done or because of the dishes I wouldn’t have eaten if I didn’t have the chance to visit Thailand, but there’s just something about that country that sticks with you. It’s probably not a fashion-conscious person’s top destination, a place of escape from the heat of someone who comes from a similar tropical country, or a hope of a sight of tall buildings and skyscrapers left and right, but I don’t mind.

And I repeat—it’s a whole new world, yet it feels like home. 🙂


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