This is why I (sort of) hate Omegle


In the hopes of a decent conversation among a sea of idiots and ASL-asking annoying people, I end up being trolled by my own brother… on the world wide web.

How did I know? Well, some things are too good to be true… who in the world would have matching tags with me? More than that, same interests? And I can’t even think of for the life of me anyone within this archipelago who likes my likes, hahaha. Good thing my excitement for having the same tags made me think again.

*I’m the stranger, btw. Screenshot from him.

Mariah is probably the only person who would get this too. She was right beside me. Doing the same thing. Although of different tags. She was on video chat although her webcam wasn’t turned on. Despite that, I don’t know why her chatmates were still talking to her for around ten minutes. Ooh, the Mariah powers.

Yes, you may judge us.

HAHAHAHA never again!

But it’s not all that bad. We, along with our other friends at the milk tea store, had a couple of great chats too. Like this one. Proof that decent people still exist in the world.

I don’t expect much from Omegle, but when you get paired with someone of good intentions and nothing else, plus a great conversation, then lucky you. Forreal. Have I made friends on the website so far? Well, yes… enough to be friends on Facebook. Lol, tmi, tmi! Haha, jk.



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