Week 16


Life has been so monotonous these days. Wake up, take a shower, eat, do some carpooling, attend review classes, go back home, catch a few zzz’s, eat, sleep… and the cycle repeats.

Nine of the many subjects we took during high school are crammed into this four-week session. Most of the time, it gets pretty boring relearning things I honestly don’t even know how I managed to memorize or understand way back. My classmates are the really smart people and I feel so dumb beside them. Like during our Statistics class… I couldn’t even answer half of the questions when the people around me were already done. I got 4/10 in the synonym-antonym part of the Reading test and I already had a mistake in my Physics paper when it was only question number one.

The review classes is something I don’t take pleasure in attending but something I’m glad I am taking up because I know all this will go somewhere. But it’s not all that bad. I’ve gained a few friends from it (well, not exactly, because there really is no time to socialize when you’re just seated during a lecture), seen old classmates and literally gave even one of them a big hug as I saw that person in the corridor, and spent at least half of my summer days knowing I’ve done something productive.

And we start a new week again answering reviewers and checking papers. Oh, this week’s something I’m looking forward to—touring one of my best friends in our village, another picnic day, but this time, with more people(!), and probably some restaurant and milk tea store hopping in the area with friends who come from here and there.

And because I have some personal issues with blogging (having an endless list of things that piss me off in relation to that word), I’ve decided to keep things quiet and simple right here. I’ve removed unnecessary tags (see, this post uses none), treated this blog post like a diary entry… and did some other things that probably won’t make sense now. I think I’m happier. 🙂


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