Dream Uni, Milk Tea, and CETs

Hello, WordPress world! It’s close to midnight and I should be sleeping right now but I am here writing this really quick post just because. Also, can I just say that I find the title of this blog post cool and annoying at the same time. Haha 🙂

The reason why I’m blogging right now is because I fear that I may not be able to, at least for the next four weeks, because I will be committing this period of summer in doing school-related stuff. College review classes will start tomorrow, and honestly… it’s not something I’m exactly looking forward to. Just by the word “college” in a bold, caps lock font popping in my head really gives me mixed feelings (I can’t even count how many times I said I wish I was in college already today, but more on that later).


So today, I took a trip to my dream university. By the sight of the trees above, it might already give a clue of what it is. Knowing the CET starts tomorrow, being there somewhat inspired me and made me set my standards on high grounds… which may not completely be a good thing though. It is tuition fee week so I tagged along. Exactly a year from now, this very same day of the month in 2014, I would already know what college I would be in, so it really scares me. “I want to study here,” I tell myself. I want to spend my next four years in this beautiful campus, in a university of people who hail from different islands of our country. If only!

Probably sticking this picture on my door for some inspiration and motivation, hmm. Or better yet a picture of “Oble” (pronounced as ob-leh), as they say. Haha.


After being stuck in traffic, I got some really good (and cheap!) milk tea at Simple Line in Maginhawa. I love the tea set collections right there.

And just this evening, I got a letter from the USA, from Jane, my penpal!


Is is just me or does her writing remind me of Angelique’s? Mika, what do you think? Haha. Even the usage of the gold gel pen is so Angelique-like!


I appreciate all the letters sent and written by my penpals here and there. It never bothered me if the letter was written on adorable stationery or on a tear of their A4 school notebook, but I find it really sweet if they take some time in making the letters cute and creative. I love how she used the combination of red card paper and gold ink!


I was chatting with some of my batchmates and we were all worried of what to bring tomorrow. I actually don’t know either, but according to my brother, you’ll be fine with pen and paper, since they’ll be giving A LOT of worksheets. Placed in my bag are my trusty pencil case, unused Cattleya filler, earphones, pad paper in case, and a thin, Miffy notebook given by Joy years(!) ago from Korea. It’s too cute that I’d hate to waste it on something so I’ve never written anything on it. I wish I took a picture of this when there was still daylight, but of course I didn’t… because how could I have, when the thought of preparing my stuff for the next day did not exist yet. Hahaha. Doing last minute stuff is not good. :p

And, speaking of the batchmates I was chatting with…


As well as…




I actually find it funny how different my conversations are when I talk to different people. What’s funnier is that it actually applies to everyone. Who is it do we say “HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA” or “Oh, okay, thanks! :)” to?

I am way past my bedtime, I will have to get up in six hours, and I will spend a good five hours in a light green-colored room with people I have talked to and have never had a conversation with, as we all drown in lectures and share that same feeling of drowsiness during our last summer as high school students.


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