Vlog: Picnic + Thrifting

And yet another vlog! Here’s a video diary of our picnic and thrifting day. I can’t even explain the joy I feel when I make such things. Nitch just called me up yesterday afternoon and asked, “Hey Maita, want to go to the park?” without hesitation, I said yes! We had no plan whatsoever and just brought food we could make out of what was inside our fridge. Right after, we went to the ukay-ukay and bought our cheapest wardrobe finds!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I hate pictures!! Yes, Mika, you can give me a virtual slap right now. 😦 Haha, well, me saying that is like giving my citizenship up or something, but I don’t know. Pictures are so… still. I was literally smiling as I was making this video because things just feel so real and lively. I have a crappy camera, an outdated version of Movie Maker, and unstill hands but seeing all these happenings turn into a video accompanied by good vibes music just makes me feel happy. Things feel so different when it’s not a requirement for anything like school but something you do because you want to.

BGM is 《One More Try》 by William Wei (Weibird). And yes, that is C-pop! For a second, in case you played the video, I would guess you assumed it’d be “ching chang” lyrics all along. I’m not being racist (wouldn’t it be so hypocritical for me if I’d label it that way? Haha), I’m just quoting a friend who told me that when she saw me with my earphones on. There’s more to C-pop than that.

Beautiful song, right? 🙂 While you’re at it, you may want to listen to this, this, and this.

Maybe you think music of a language I can barely speak is all what I listen to all day… I know I’m insane, but not that insane. Haha. My music player has English songs too, still under the category of C-pop. Filipino + Mandarin, you ask? Yes, they exist too!


6 thoughts on “Vlog: Picnic + Thrifting

  1. Hahaha… salamat :)) Ikaw rin kaya Mika gawa ka rin! Swear. You have your gear and awesome scenery right at your doorstep. I challenge you to make it a weekly thing… you have two months! 🙂

  2. Hello bago na nga camera mo, may iMovie ka (so I guess mas madali tsaka mas maganda gumawa ng vid), and… what the hell, you’re in a place where there are so many things worth seeing :))))))) What’s stopping you then? :)) Hahahaha. Grabe you know, when I was editing the vlog, I remember the time when you, Raya and I wanted to make one HAHA but I said I’d be behind-the-scenes… dunno if you remember that but we were at the library! Haha. Now I know what to do in our future stuff :)))

    Give me a virtual tour of that country! Haha.

  3. […] that park because I got inspired by my friend, Maita here hehe. Sorry if its a bit similar to yours lol. But I totally agree with you! I had really fun making this video! Way better than photos 😛 […]

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