Travel Tales: Thailand

Here are some video snippets of a trip to a very beautiful country that is Thailand. I know it’s been a really long time but seeing all this as I browsed through my folders really made me remember all the good times and adventures spent there, whether through our food trips or our daily walks to the Big C. All the videos I had made in my life are infomercials and music videos for school, so doing something like this that includes some of my favorite things was enjoyable for me. A few lapses here and there, like how I could have trimmed the awkward parts or even removed the exclamation point in the title, but compiling everything into a travelogue was a fun thing to do.

[vimeo 63879781 w=600]

Blurry and shaky vids shot through the point-and-shoot, compiled on Movie Maker, and shameless plugging of some C-pop《无菇朋友》as background music by Khalil Fong.

All these clips were videoed without a reason whatsoever, and it was only this week I realized a vlog could be made with all this. I wish I had more videos of the natural stuff rather than the highways and roads.

Now I know what to do with all the videos taking up space on this computer! Time to spend my lazy, unproductive summer days in doing more. Lol 😀


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