Park + Picnic

My neighbors and I had a picnic party at the park and it was such an amazing, crazy, and fun experience altogether! It wasn’t anything extravagant… just the three of us, sitting under the shady part of the tree, stuffing ourselves with snacks we ourselves prepared on bright-colored fruit bowls and plates, all placed on a checkered, red dining-tablecloth-turned-picnic-cloth one hot, summer afternoon.



Nitch and I have been next-door neighbors ever since, but as we become older day by day, the less often we get to see each other! How ironic, right. It’s like we’re cooped up in our houses with our computers all day. Haha, jk. Maybe it’s because we don’t go to the same school, but when we meet, it’s always a laugh trip for both of us, as the weirdos in us get along pretty well.


I also got to meet Yomi, who is exactly seven months older than me! She said, “How come I never met you?” I agree with her, since we are both Nitch’s childhood friends, but our paths have never crossed until yesterday. One of the things in my mental bucket list for summer is to meet new people, at least, in my neighborhood.

When we were younger (late grade school), we had a group here in the village. We would rotate places on whose house we’re set to go to next, play boardgames, and bike while the others walk and skate. It’s like we all drifted apart from each other as we got older. Probably because interests changed, but it’s so saddening how friends can really become strangers one day. I wish I had retained all these friendships, but how can you, if the interest is not mutual? But as I always tell myself, “People change, memories remain.” There are pictures and diary entries that immortalized all this. 🙂


Since the picnic fell on a national holiday (Araw ng Kagitingan), I thought there would be a lot of people in the park. Aside from the trio (which was us), the rest were people our age and a little older playing a mini-game of soccer. There were also adorable kids in groups playing tag and other games that made me feel nostalgic as I saw them runnning around the grass.

And yes, we were climbing trees and kicking the ball back to the soccer dudes. “Bol ples!” they scream.


As we were bonding over food on the grass, it brought me to so many realizations. One is how the park is one underrated site in a village or subdivision. Our subdivision isn’t exactly the best—we don’t have public swimming pools, a posh clubhouse (or even a clubhouse to begin with), or even zero crime rate, but it’s always nice to make something great out of what you already have, like this park for example. A combination of a relaxing and breathable area full of trees, a bottle of ice-cold C2, and good company is something to be quite contented about.



So happy I was able to take pictures during the golden hour. I love backlit photos (and natural light!), no matter how unseen or obvious the light is.

And as usual, I was behind-the-scenes, and I prefer it that way.


I love our group! Like how Yomi was telling me how she could be “genuine” with Nitch. We don’t need to impress each other with gadgets or meet up in our fashionable selves. We can act boyish for all we care, and survive in t-shirt and jeans. I’d like to think we’re simple people, and I hope that’s how we’ll be remembered!

Speaking of Yomi, two things we had in common? Sims, and… LANGUAGES!! Instant click. Online friends? Yes. Language-learning friends? Yes. E-books? Yes. Unknown people in our Skype contacts? YES! Hopefully we can pull Nitch into this little polyglot world of ours… eh, who am I kidding, I’m not even worthy of that title. No, not at all, really.



As Yomi said, “Hipster!” Well, I don’t know, is it hashtag-hipster-worthy? Haha.


C2 lemon iced tea, cookies, pineapple cuts, tuna sandwiches, and banana + jackfruit fritters. Lol, turon lang ‘yan! Iniba lang yung pangalan, sosyal na… o diba.

I was searching picnic dishes ideas online and I was quite amazed with the many dishes I found. I didn’t have the time to experiment or buy the ingredients, so I’m gonna do all those in our next picnic event, with more people from here and there!  By the way, the cloth is from Daiso for ₱88! What a steal. It’s actually a table cloth, so it’s pretty small for picnics, but how does one resist a pattern that is just too… picnic-y.




And of course, you can’t leave an awesome place without having to snap around. And this is my favorite of them all!

I could do this in a place like this all day.

Summer has barely started and we already have an endless list of what to do soon! One of which is ukay-shopping (which Nitch is an expert at), and the others are cooking slash baking. And I am looking forward to all of this! Indeed, it was a great day.

3 thoughts on “Park + Picnic

  1. I feel senti. *sniff* Haha, me wuvs you and both of you should hang more! Can’t wait to this again. 😀

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