Long Time No Blog

It has been a week, so to speak, since I have last touched this space of mine. Maybe the nine-day interval between this post and the last one is not too much (as there was a time the gap between two posts was even a year!) but considering it’s summer, I feel as if I have left blogging out of my to-do list. I don’t know if it’s just me, but staring at the computer monitor for hours, conscious of my word count (yes, I talk too much, even online), as my fingers press through the keyboard is just… I don’t know. I can’t even think of the proper adjective.

Well, what have I been up to? I have been…


Stuffing nai cha (aka sugar overload) in my system after my forty-day Lenten abstinence with the friend on the right who shared the same sacrifice with me as well…


And some halo-halo at the nearby mall the other day…


Fangirl-ing in front of the TV monitor as MV’s like this pop out of nowhere, because, how can I not, when the people I label as my idols have no following in our country…


Painting my nails, as nail polish to me is so grade school (yes, literally, and I wonder if anyone would believe me if I said I was super kikay back in grade one, where I would have polish in my nails and toes, washable, colorful and floral tattoos on my skin, and a burloloy or two on my wrists)…


Catching up on a drama that was shown two years ago, and making me realize why I say watching Asian dramas is a hobby of mine if it’s something I get to do sixty minutes (or less) in a year. Yes, year. And I wonder how many more years it will take for me to finish this. Yes again, year


Filling my brain with things I wish I could (and could not) remember. Let’s say I am obliged to do this, obliged being the operative word. Judge me not, and no, I do not get pleasure from doing this. Don’t worry, this is not what I do all day. Maybe just a few minutes, until my face falls flat on the book with me dreaming a dream…


Talking to my friends I have never breathed the same air with, and singing along to my favorite song with a native speaker for the nth time, which I call language-learning, with pinyin saving my life all the time…


Whipping up some dishes at the kitchen while the sun is still up. And you see that abstract-looking thing beside the milk’s name? It’s a word, and yes, it is readable, and it is the coolest font ever, don’t you agree…


Finishing a book I sort of neglected in first year high school, not written in the vernacular. Reading a piece of history through your own initiative and not because of it being a requirement for school just makes it more fulfilling…


And catching up on life with my neighbors as we climb trees at the park, while soccer dudes asking us to kick the ball back for their game to go on. That’s my neighbor you see right there. Hashtag bolples.

One of these is a lie…. you may guess. Belated April Fool’s. 😀


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